Editor’s note: This is the first of a monthly column with Rom Krupp, the founder and CEO of Marketing Vitals, an analytics software helping restaurants of all shapes and sizes.

Since it launched 12 years ago, Twin Peaks is now an 80-location restaurant chain in 25 states. For this month’s column, I sat down with their director of marketing, Destinee Rollins. Below are her thoughts:

What marketing strategies did you launch with that you still use today?

The most significant and impactful strategy that comes to mind would be our local store marketing efforts. Twin Peaks has always leveraged the local sports lodge feel to have strong connections to each community from the local craft beer selections to visiting local businesses and building on those relationships.  

What do you believe has changed the most when it comes to driving customer frequency?

Customers crave authentic brands and have begun to steer away from typical chain-like restaurants and more than ever, are in a hurry. There are so many restaurant options today and continuing to be top of mind for driving customer frequency is tricky. Our messaging reaches this sensibility for urgency, relatability, and frequency.

How important are coupons for driving new customers?

Guests are, of course, value driven—but Twin Peaks does not consider itself a brand that consistently discounts or offers deals. We do, however, believe in strong daily specials, creating unique occasions & providing an exclusive experience that will intrigue new guests & keep them coming back.

What role has social media played in brand awareness?

Twin Peaks has been able to make our footprint on social with our made from scratch food, beautiful Twin Peaks Girls, ice cold beer, hand-crafted cocktails and sports. We’ve been able to showcase and leverage the social platform to give guests the overall idea of “What Twin Peaks is.” We’re also proud to showcase each local store on social through their own restaurant pages. This is how each location can drive home that local-feel and show off specifics for their restaurant. Social media is a huge brand awareness channel for Twin Peaks but it does not act alone.

What is your top marketing tip for a new restaurant brand?

Never stop learning. Those of us who have been in the business know what has worked over the years and know never to be afraid of trying something new. Times are changing, people are changing, and the way they interact with brands is changing.

Guest question: What is best way to measure employee performance? — Helen from Richmond, Virginia

Change what you are counting. Don’t compare a Monday noon-hour shift with a Friday because the value of the time will be different since we know diners spend more on a Friday. Assign point-values to day & hour when you know spending is lower and higher and measure employee performance based on that.

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