DoorDash’s new capability benefits customers, liquor stores, and restaurants that don’t have alcohol on their menus.

DoorDash is raising a glass after finding success with delivering alcohol last year, along with raising its capabilities. The third-party delivery provider launched a new feature that allows customers to add their favorite adult beverage to their food in a single order—which is good news for restaurants that don’t have alcohol on their menus.

Called Drinks with DoubleDash, the upgrade means guests can order from their favorite restaurant, scroll to the bottom of the menu, and pair their meal with a drink from a nearby liquor, grocery, or convenience store. With no additional delivery fee or order minimum, guests only need to have their IDs ready for their Dashers to verify their age (21+ only).

“As we continue on our mission to be the one-stop shop for all local commerce needs, we’re excited by the endless possibilities with DoubleDash to connect customers to new categories in a seamless way, while providing incremental growth opportunities for our local convenience, grocery, and liquor store merchants,” Ben Damon, product manager at DoorDash, said in a statement.

This is an upgrade to DoubleDash, which the company started last year as a way to help local businesses grow incremental sales by expanding their reach. 


A video demonstrating the new feature shows the process of a customer ordering a large Garden Fresh pizza from The Big Slice NY Style Pizzeria—a Missouri-based Italian eatery with brick oven pizza, pasta, and chicken—and adding a $32 bottle of Merlot to their cart in a seamless, bundled order.

Since the pilot launch of Drinks with DoubleDash, consumers have concocted creative combos such as champagne and burgers, sake and pizza, pasta and margaritas, and deli sandwiches with a Cabernet Sauvignon. DoorDash also reported seeing more than half of DoubleDash users ordering from merchants they never ordered from before.

DoorDash has more than doubled the number of alcohol stores on its platform since launching alcohol delivery last year, with 130 percent store growth in the category from September 2021 to June 2022.

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