The 18-month-old Bresca in Washington, D.C., earned its Michelin star just 11 months after opening. Two of the restaurant's partners, chef Ryan Ratino and communications lead Maru Valdez, talk about how it's done.

For Chef Ryan Ratino, the MO seems to be “no sleep ‘til Michelin.” And the MO has paid off. After he opened Bresca in Washington, D.C., the restaurant earned one Michelin star 11 months later. What was that first year like? There was very little time off, and still, even 18 months into Bresca’s life, Ratino is a full-time parent.

Headshot Of Chef Ryan Ratino

Chef Ryan Ratino

Bresca’s team of partners who all manage a piece of the pie is the strategy that has helped Ratino balance the elements it takes to earn a Michelin star so quickly and then maintain it, and even strive for more. The young chef isn’t stopping there. His goal is to be the best one-star Michelin restaurant in the city. He’s also opening a new concept above Bresca on D.C.’s 14th Street corridor.

Find out how Bresca earned its star so quickly and what Ratino plans to do next in this month’s episode of the FSR podcast, Worth Your Salt.

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