Customers required to use sanitizer, encouraged to use masks when not seated.

Hooters announced last week that it is reopening many of its dining rooms in states where mandates are being lifted.

More than 50 percent of states have either already allowed the reopening of dining rooms or plan to do so in the next couple of weeks.

The sports bar chain has implemented several measures to protect employees and dine-in customers. Prior to each shift, stores check the temperature of workers and verify that their hands are washed, and each employee wears gloves and masks at all times. Gloves are replaced after each interaction with a customer and hands are washed every 30 minutes. In between those timed hand washes, hand sanitizer is available.

Units with higher volumes of traffic will closely monitor waiting areas and entryways to ensure social distancing is being observed. Every restaurant has a worker responsible for enforcing all of the hygienic and social distancing rules, and a sign showcasing all the protective measures is posted outside each location.

High contact areas—counters, door knobs, POS systems—are cleaned every hour and tables and chairs are sanitized after customers leave. Employees also maintain a safe, 6-foot distance from each other. All locations undergo a deep clean every night, as well.

Customers must use hand sanitizer before entering the restaurant. Hooters recommends wearing a mask when not seated and to use credit or debit cards as opposed to cash. The brand urges customers who feel sick to not enter the restaurant. Plastic utensils will be provided if a consumer has concerns about reuse and disposable and digital menus will be used at the table. If a customer becomes concerned for their health once inside the dining room, the restaurant will pack the meal to-go.

Those who prefer not to dine-in yet can still use Hooters’ curbside pickup, delivery, and catering channels with tamper-evident bags.

“Our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests has long been a part of our values and operating procedures,” the company wrote on its website. “We continue to follow recommendations from local and state authorities to ensure that now more than ever, Hooters is your oasis to feel completely comfortable and at home.”

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