It’s all about the brand these days—here are five ways to keep that brand consistent.

Prioritize It
We’ve heard of #goals, and this is a major one. Brand consistency needs to be a goal that’s reiterated in regular staff meetings and in the 10-year strategic plan.

Be Honest About It
How can you maintain a brand without knowing what that brand is? You can’t. Be honest about who you are, and honest with yourself about who your guests think you are.

Build It In
Restaurants are almost always physical experiences. Guests should feel and see the brand, consistently, throughout the whole experience.

Involve Employees
Turnover can make it hard to infuse service with brand identity, but the single biggest factor in brand consistency is the staff that guests interact with. Get employees’ buy-in on the brand standards.

Train It In
If you want to get employees involved, you have to get them on the same page. This is where consistency comes in handy for training and onboarding. Add personal conversations and mentorship, too.

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