You are probably over-complicating what is needed for positive sales and traffic.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed as a restaurateur? Are you working IN the business instead of working ON the business? Do you feel like you are drowning in the details and endless attention-robbers that suck all of your attention and energy? I get it. I’ve been where you are.

You may very well feel like your service staff in the weeds. You can’t seem to focus on one thing, get it done, and move to the next. If this is you, STOP! It doesn’t have to be that way. You are probably over-complicating what is needed for success. Instead, do what I did to overcome where you are now. Put all your focus, priority, and effort into only these five things:

People—This includes your guest, your team, investors, vendor partners, and local community. People are the most important focal point of the restaurant and our focus. Prioritize your team even before your guests. Having the right people in place will help you focus on the guest. Here is a simple six-part plan to help you crush it with your people: RECRUIT, DEVELOP, DELEGATE, SUPPORT, FOLLOW-UP, REPEAT.

Regarding your guests, be present on the floor. You and your leadership team must run your business on the floor. This doesn’t mean that you as the owner shouldn’t take time off of the floor to work on your business. But it does mean that someone in authority needs to engage with the guests. Being on the floor does five things. 

  1.  It tells the guest they are important
  2.  It creates deep meaningful human connections
  3. It shows support to your team
  4. It creates more consistent high level guest experiences
  5. It gives you the opportunity to auto-correct when things aren’t perfect.

As far as your vendors and your community go…… these are the mavens. In addition, your staff and guests will tell the world how great you are. They become a part of your success because they take a personal interest.

Product—quality and consistency. As a restaurateur your product includes food, beverage, ambiance, and brand. Ambiance includes lighting, music, and cleanliness. Your brand must say something consistently to the world. Your brand is your story and every part of your business. It is your promise to the world. 

Food and beverage have to be phenomenal. Don’t put lame crap on the menu just to offer more options. Sometimes less is more. It’s the people and product aspect of your business that gives the guest the warm fuzzy feeling. Without it you are just slinging food and filling bellies. Create special memories for the guest and you will have a loyal following.

Processes—Implement hiring, training, scheduling, ordering, receiving, prepping, cooking, serving, cleaning, sales, cost control, and communication policies and procedures to ensure that people are cared for and the product is awesome. Processes require having the right people to execute them and also a consistent focus day after day, shift after shift, plate after plate.

Purchases—This includes two things. It includes controlling what you purchase and it includes increasing the guest purchase. Build the bottom line (profits) by focusing most of your attention on the top line (sales). Remember you don’t take percentages to the bank. By focussing on what the guest spends first, numbers tend to fall in line with a little management of numbers.

Profits—Money flows toward you and you keep a lot of it if you focus on the first four priorities. People focused on product and processes equals purchases and profits. Keep your focus simple. Every decision you make affects one or more of these five P’s. Ask yourself each time, how will this decision affect people, product, processes, purchases, and profit. Sometimes they contradict one another. 

Always prioritize people over the other four and you will see great returns on the money and time you invest in your business.

I’m a restaurant executive coach that wants to help. If you are over-whelmed, over-worked, or just plain over it and you want some help click the link below and book a FREE call with me to see how we can work together.

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