Selfie Nation rejoice. A new mobile application, CHCK-N, or Check-In, was launched with the intention of changing how liquor brands react with guests. Mainly, consumers can now be rewarded for their selfies with free drinks.

“The old marketing techniques focus on building brand awareness rather than brand loyalty,” says Lev Filimonov, co-founder at CHCK-N, in a release. ”Our application helps liquor companies create a genuine emotional contact with their customers and create good memories that they can share together. With CHCK-N, we’ve laid down first brick in the creation of a technological marketplace for the most demanded currency of the new age—emotions.”

In a process that CHCK-N calls a “win, win, and another win,” users pick a bar, open the app, and choose a drink off the app’s menu. CHCK-N then launches a camera with the brand’s filter already added. Snap a selfie, share it on Facebook, and enjoy that free drink.

“The application allows liquor brands to build personal relationships with their consumers and utilize the power of personal recommendations to boost brand loyalty. In addition, they can create and support digital marketing opportunities,” the release says.

Nielsen research shows that 83 percent of consumers trust testimonials from friends in their network, while only 46 percent believe ads on social media. CHCK-N’s goal, with that in mind, is to allow a restaurant to promote its product through word-of-mouth marketing—in a digital era. It’s user-driven and advice-heavy advertising.

CHCK-N also allows operators to check statistics in real time, providing full reports on the brand’s activations worldwide. The application charges advertisers based on the number of likes each branded selfie receives. 

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