This carbonated beverage by John Dye is a treat for guests.

Created by John Dye of Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, this beverage offers a sweet flavor profile and a fizzy body for a truly uniqu menu option.


3 oz Broker’s Gin

½ oz fresh lemon juice

2 oz Rich’s Cafe Whip

1 oz Luxardo Triplum

1 oz Garbanzo Bean Aquafaba

1 oz Fee Brothers Orgeat

1 oz simple syrup

3 drops Angostura bitters

¼ tsp dehydrated lime

1–2 oz seltzer water


1. Combine all ingredients, except Angostura bitters, dehydrated lime, and seltzer water in a chilled 16-ounce ISI Cream Whipper.

2. Charge using one NO2 charger, shake six times.

3. Carefully empty contents into two 8- to 9-oz highball glasses (Libbey 23256 or equivalent).

4. Carefully add cold seltzer water until foam crests over rim of glass.

5. Slowly stir with bar spoon and garnish with dehydrated lime and Angostura bitters.

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