With a mission to deliver fresh, local, and exceptional food to boardrooms and meeting rooms across North America, Foodee launched in the Atlanta market in early 2016, after last year’s successful implementation in Denver, Philadelphia, and Austin, Texas.

“We do everything from soup to nuts in turning a restaurant into a corporate catering function,” says Foodee CEO Ryan Spong, a successful restaurant and food truck owner based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Spong recognized the need for a concierge delivery service to increase his restaurant business at what already was the busiest time of the day. “There was always a lineup at noon, but I knew people were eating at desks without the time to come down, and I wanted to come up with a way to service others and empower the local food movement,” Spong adds. By partnering with the best restaurants and food trucks in a market like Atlanta, Spong is effectively enabling the next generation of to-go service. The professional appearance of bow-tied Foodee drivers and a commitment to using sustainable methods for delivery appeal to restaurants as well as to consumers and corporate clients. 

Bartolomeo Maldonado, general manager of both Gypsy Kitchen and The Southern Gentleman in Atlanta, says he was drawn to Foodee because of its relationships with corporate clients and because of his desire to increase lunch business at his restaurants.

“We are looking to do lunches for larger groups and corporate clients, and Foodee works with a lot of companies that we haven’t worked with before, so it’s a great way to get our foot in with them,” he says. “They’ve done all the legwork, so it just made sense for us. It exposes us to the type of people we want to see in our restaurant.” Other partners in Atlanta include full-service restaurants Cameli’s Gourmet Pizza Joint, FLIP Burger Boutique, Nancy’s Pizza, Noni’s, Smokebelly BBQ, and The Big Ketch Saltwater Grill, as well as quick-service operators Panbury’s Double Crust Pies, Reuben’s Deli, Roots Juices, UrbanTaali, and YumDiggity.