Keeping a pulse on a restaurant's Yelp presence can positively affect sales and marketing efforts.

You own a restaurant and that means you are busy. You probably manage inventory, schedule your staff, and check the day’s sales on a mobile device or tablet. You use these apps to keep your business running smoothly while you are on-the-go. Why not keep tabs on your Yelp presence on-the-go, too?

Yelp has an app specifically for business owners and it’s especially beneficial to people in the restaurant and nightlife industry. People eat three times a day, at least! They get their oil changed and their teeth cleaned far less often. This means that as a restaurant owner you need to be more in touch with what is taking place on your Yelp listing than any other business owner. Whether a customer finds you on Yelp or hears about you from a friend, they come to Yelp to read what other customers have to say about their experience at your business. Having fast and direct access to your listing is going to positively impact your presence.

The Yelp for Business Owners App gives you access to many of the great features you love about your Yelp Business Owners Account, on-the-go. Many of the Yelp tools that drive the most business are easier to access through the app, for example, uploading photos or responding to Yelp reservation requests.

The first step to keeping Yelp in your pocket is to visit the iTunes or Google Play store to download the free Yelp for Business Owners App. Remember: It’s blue, not red! Once you log into your account, you will stay logged in on your device. This is great for faster access. You will notice multiple features available to you, but these three play the biggest role in helping you grow your business from the palm of your hand.

Track Your Activity: Knowing how consumers are hearing about your business and the actions they are taking between their search and spending money at your business is important to your success. With the Yelp For Business Owners App, you can look at your business’s activity from the last 30 days with just a few clicks. See how many customers mapped directions to you or checked in to your business. This can help you follow customer trends and determine the best promotions, deals, or updates you can make to your listing to successfully grow your customer base.

Upload and manage photos for your business: You probably have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos on your phone. Everything from pictures of family, vacations, or even crazy things you saw on your commute. More importantly, you’ve taken great photos of your venue, beverages, appetizers, and staff. We know that Yelp users spend 2.5 times as long on a Yelp business page with photos. We also know that Yelp users are constantly uploading photos to business listings from their phone. Seventy percent of Yelp content (photos, reviews, etc.) is generated from mobile devices. It’s easier to snap a photo on your phone and upload it to Yelp than it is to take a picture, email it to yourself, drag it down to your desktop, and then upload it to Yelp (how archaic!). The Yelp for Business Owners App allows you to access your photo library and directly to upload all of those well-lit, mouth watering photos you’ve been storing away.

Respond to reviews and reservation requests: When was the last time you had an uninterrupted hour to sit in your office and take a look at the emails you’ve gotten from happy customers, people requesting large party reservations, or those sharing an experience they had with your business? Between placing orders, scheduling your staff, and balancing the books, you likely don’t have much time left in the day to do so! Through the Yelp for Business Owners App you can respond to reviews on-the-go and even let customers know if you have that event space available for their event next month right from your smartphone. The days of calling restaurants to make reservations are in the past. We know that people are booking online by sending emails—or even texts! Giving you the ability to respond in that same format allows you to grow your customer base faster.

Mobile devices make convenience your top priority. The Yelp for Business Owners App gives you the tools you love on-the-go, allowing you to stay more engaged with your customer base. To download the app visit the App Store for iOS or go to Google Play for Android today to get more engaged with your account and customers.

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