It's Just Wings began  as a delivery-only brand on DoorDash. 

Chili’s virtual concept It’s Just Wings has integrated with Google to offer a pickup option. 

Through the partnership, customers are able to order It’s Just Wings from more than 1,000 stores across the U.S. by simply searching for the brand on Google. After ordering, customers will have the option of paying via Google Pay. 

Chili’s parent Brinker International launched It’s Just Wings in June as a delivery-only brand exclusively on DoorDash. The company expects the concept to become a $150 million business. CEO Wyman Roberts noted in Brinker’s Q4 earnings call in August that It’s Just Wings was earning roughly $3 million per week. 

In January, the company indicated that the virtual concept would expand into the takeout space because of the strong response. Roberts said the company has the scale, asset ownership, available capacity in well-equipped kitchens, correct technology, and operating talent to continue the delivery-only brand’s growth. Prior to the Google partnership, It’s Just Wings was available for pickup through DoorDash. 

“We’re dedicated to continuously improving the digital Guest experience, and It’s Just Wings has been a no-frills, virtual-only concept from the beginning with value, ease and convenience in mind to meet Guests’ needs,” Wade Allen, senior vice president of innovation at Brinker, said in a statement. “Our investment in technology and integration with Google gives our Guests a new experience that allows them to control when and where they place an order and how they decide to pay, including contactless payment.”

It’s Just Wings features 11 sauces, such as truffle hot sauce and ponzu sauce. Additionally, curly fries are included in every order at no additional cost. Fried Oreos is a dessert option as well.

“We pride ourselves on providing Guests with a frictionless experience – from the moment they begin placing an order to the moment they’re greeted by our Team Members to pick up their order – and this integration with Google’s platforms further accelerates our ability to meet Guests where they are and provide them with the ease and convenience they seek in today’s environment where safety is the priority – and the parking lot continues to be the dining room,” Allen said.

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