Butterball Foodservice's sweet and savory breakfast sandwich will delight your guests.

Pairing orange mango chutney, Asiago cheese, arugula, a warm croissant, and turkey breakfast links, this breakfast sandwich by Butterball Foodservice offers a unique menu offering for health-conscious consumers and breakfast lovers alike.


2 Butterball Turkey Breakfast Links

1 fresh and warm croissant (medium sized)

3 tbsp Orange Mango Chutney (see recipe below)

1 ounce Asiago cheese (slice cut into thirds in diamond shapes)

As needed Arugula leaves


Ingredients for Sunshine Chutney (Orange Mango Chutney)

1/3 cup orange marmalade

1 cup mango chutney


1. Grill the turkey breakfast links to a golden brown (while the links are grilling, prepare the sandwich base).

2. Cut the croissant in half lengthwise and on each cut surface spread the orange mango chutney (2 tbsp on the bottom of the roll and 1 tbsp on the top of the roll).

3. Spread a few arugula leaves over the chutney on the bottom of the roll.

4. Place the 2 hot, grilled, golden brown turkey breakfast links over the arugula leaves.

5. Arrange the 3 pieces of Asiago over the breakfast sausage.

6. Place the croissant top over the sausage and cheese.

7. Serve.

Directions for Sunshine Chutney (Orange Mango Chutney)

1. Combine the ingredients and blend well.

2. Place into a container with lid. Label, date, and refrigerate.

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