This parfait by Dannon Foodservice pairs fresh fruit and cinnamon spiced granola to create the perfect breakfast treat.

Mixing orange segments, dried cranberries, cinnamon spiced granola, and Nutella with Greek yogurt, this parfait offers the protein and the flavor to help give your guests a healthy morning energy boost. 


32 ounces Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt – Vanilla

3 cups orange segments

1/2 cup cranberries, dried

1/2 cup cinnamon spiced granola

2 tsp. nutella


1. For each portion, layer 6 ounces of yogurt with 1/2 cup of orange segments and 4 tsp. each of cranberries and granola.

2. Drizzle each portion with 1 tsp. of Nutella.

Yields six 9-ounce servings.

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