Perfect temperatures, exact pours, hand-crafted cocktails—the tools that make these possible are a bartender’s best friend.
2014 Buyer's Guide
Draft Beer Towers
Tapping into the craft brew craze is easy with Perlick's new Draft Beer Tower, which includes 115 new glycol-ready options, some with up to 36 faucets—as witnessed by Union Public House in Tucson, Arizona, which offers 30 beers on tap via three sets of 10-faucet Perlick Brew Pipe Towers. Pricing—dependent on style, finish, construction material, and the number of faucets—ranges from $800 for a simple 1-faucet draft arm to $12,000+ for a 20-faucet Brew Pipe Tower.
Quiet Blend
Up to four times quieter than other commecial blenders, The Quiet One is a powerful, premium blender designed to create an efficient, non-intrusive front-of-the-house experience. Six function settings with 34 optimized programs deliver a superior blend, improved speed-of-service, and unparalleled sound reduction. Perfect for mixing drinks or blended coffees. $1,298.65
ID Verification
Instantly verify drinking age with barZapp software. Using Intellicheck Mobilisa's patented ID-check software, barZapp instantly verifies American and Canadian driver licenses, ID cards, and U.S. military and government-issued ID cards. Simply use the built-in camera of an iPhone or Android to capture the ID's barcode. A one-time subscription fee of $1.99 covers 10 or fewer scans per day; a $19.95 monthly fee allows unlimited scans.
IPA Glassware
Who better to design IPA glassware than two of the leading brewers: Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada, in partnership with Spiegelau. The custom-made glass has a comfortably wide opening to let drinkers savor the aromatic profiles of hoppy IPAs, while preserving the beer's frothy head, and enhancing the taste and mouthfeel. $24.90 for set of 2.
Wine Preservation
Precision temperature control, adjustable portion control, and 30-day wine preservation make WineEmotion a great beverage addition. Bottles are sealed and pressurized with argon or nitrogen gas, preserving the organoleptic integrity—taste, aroma, body, and color—of a wine. WineEmotion Series 3, priced $4,900 to $12,500.
60-Inch Dual-Zone Wine Center
Serving wine by the glass is simplified with Perlick's 60-inch Dual-Zone Wine Center, which supports one temperature for white wines and another for reds, so you can always pour the perfect glass. Prices start at $6,256 and vary depending on the door/drawer configurations, finish options, and LED light options.
Muddle On
The long and short of it is this: You just can't beat the quality of American Metalcraft's stainless steel muddlers—perfect for crushing fruit, condiments, and other cocktail ingredients. Priced $13.20 each (7-inch muddler); $16.50 each (10-inch muddler).
Plug-and-Pour WineStation
Designed for immediate, table-top operation, no plumbing, condensers, or additional construction costs are required—and Napa Technology's WineStation 3.0 allows operators of all sizes to implement vintner-approved 60-day preservation, temperature, and service controls that eliminate theft, waste, and overpouring. $4,000–$7,000
Shake it Up
Heavy-duty, stainless steel cocktail shaker with a 22-ounce capacity adds classy form and long-lasting function to the bar. $52 each.
Refillable Beer Pouch
The Beer Pouch was designed as an eco-friendly, flexible alternative to glass growlers. The pouch holds a full 64 ounces, has a convenient screw top, and prevents oxygen or sunlight from harming the beer's taste. $2.85–$3.50 each, minimum order 200.
Spotlight on Beverages
The Double-Wide LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Display Rail stores and illuminates two rows of premium liquor bottles. Each side of the shelf operates independently and a wireless remote control operates numerous color and lighting possibilities. Available in lengths ranging from 2 feet to 8 feet, prices start at $249.95.
Two-Door Froster
Glastender's new two-door mug froster is convenient to use, requires no extra space for ventilation, and is available with black, stainless steel, glass, or laminated doors. Priced to order.
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