Sustainable Restaurant Group, parent of the two concepts, will now target new markets to expand.

Bain Capital Double Impact, which recently invested in fast-casual By Chloe, announced Tuesday (April 10) a strategic commitment to help grow Sustainable Restaurant Group and its two concepts, Bamboo Sushi and QuickFish. Along with early stage investor Kitchen Fund, Bain Capital Double Impact—the impact investing arm of Bain Capital—said it would support SRG’s entrance into new regional markets and help amplify the concepts’ commitment to sustainability efforts. Bain Capital invests in socially and environmentally conscious companies.

SRG, founded in 2008, is the parent company of Bamboo Sushi, which claims to be the world’s first certified sustainable sushi restaurant, and QuickFish, a sustainable quick-service concept. SRG operates five full-service units in Portland, Oregon, and Denver. The company said it plans to open 10 more ore more locations in the next two years, mostly in new markets.

“We’re excited to partner with Bain Capital Double Impact and Kitchen Fund at a crucial point in our growth trajectory, and at a time when the fishing industry is plagued by inefficient supply-chains and unhealthy farm-raised fish,” Kristofor Lofgren, founder & CEO, Sustainable Restaurant Group, said in a statement. “With the benefit of Bain Capital Double Impact and Kitchen Fund’s impressive restaurant experience, we are well-positioned to achieve our goal of providing mindful customers with a premium sushi dining experience at a great value while doubling down on our advocacy programs dedicated to sustainable fishing practices and supply chain transparency.”

SRG’s transparent supply chain validates fishing practices and excludes severely overfished oceans, fish fraud, and health risks associated with farm-raised fish, the company said. The company offers in-store initiatives and consumer engagement programs to promote sustainability. No Bluefin tuna or other “red-listed” seafood is served. SRG is certified as a B Corp and all locations are certified by the James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch program, the Marine Stewardship Council, and the Green Restaurant Association.

“Sustainable Restaurant Group is an authentic, compelling brand that stands out across all social dimensions,” said Warren Valdmanis, a managing director at Bain Capital Double Impact, in a statement. “Kristofor and his high-quality management team have done an exceptional job of tapping into a growing segment of customers who recognize that eating sustainability sourced seafood is not only better for you, but also better for the planet. We look forward to partnering with Sustainable Restaurant Group to support Bamboo Sushi and QuickFish’s high-potential for growth in new markets and to scale their vision of broader environmental impact.”

Additionally, SRG has a carbon calculator tool it launched is 2017 to measure the company’s carbon footprint down to the individual menu item, and the offsets required to neutralize its affect on the environment. SRG also partners with The Ocean Foundation and its Seagrass Grow project to donate funds annually.

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