Leave no money on the table; instead optimize resources, efficiencies, and earnings.

29. Restaurants that cater or that offer home-baked goods can find value in operating their kitchens virtually 24-7.

30. Pop-up restaurants enable chefs to test new concepts and new markets before committing to brick-and-mortar expansion.

31. Don’t miss the party: Host a kiosk or food truck at sporting events, art festivals, and large public gatherings.

32. Share the secrets of success: Chefs who teach cooking classes, sell their secret sauces, and even share their signature recipes build revenue streams and a loyal following.

33. Just because consumers cook less doesn’t mean they eat out. To-go services present a dramatic growth vehicle for full-service restaurants.

34. Cater to the growing penchant for non-conformist lifestyles by offering a range of all-day-dining options, from snack menus to a more formal afternoon tea or laid-back late-night nibbles.

35. Bring in guest chefs—from acclaimed restaurateurs to local celebrities—to generate buzz and give guests reasons to return.


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