Use these upgrades to step ahead of the competition.

Restaurants are embracing new technology as 2024 sets in to enhance both the entertainment for guests and to provide more efficient systems for employees. From immersive televisions to high-quality sound systems, high end point of sale systems and creative lighting solutions, smart tech is revamping what a dining experience looks like. Here are a few ways smart technology can revamp your space to keep your guests entertained and make your employee’s jobs a little easier.

Smart Televisions

Traditional hanging wall TVs are a thing of the past. In 2024, smart televisions are crucial for any restaurant that has many televisions on the wall showing sports and even the latest popular tv shows. (Remember all the restaurants that showed Game of Thrones episodes a few years ago). These new televisions offer high quality video and are equipped with internet capabilities, and streaming options, allowing any restaurant to display entertainment of a wide variety including sports events, the most important series finale, or even reality shows. Smart televisions also offer ways for social media integration allowing customers to share their experience in real time and enhance the restaurants brand visibility through their social media posts. By using smart TVs, restaurants can keep customers who are involved in sports and crucial television events coming back because of the atmosphere and great quality of the experience.

Sound Systems

Sound always plays a crucial role in creating an ambiance in any restaurant. Currently, restaurants are starting to invest in new sound systems that deliver immersive experiences for guests. These sound systems use advanced speakers, amps, and audio technologies to create a balanced and rich sound environment. Whether it is used for background noise, ambient sounds or even live performances, smart tech sound systems can be setup to suit specific needs for any space.

Point of Sale Systems

POS systems have evolved over the years from just being transactional tools to comprehensive restaurant management computers. Next-gen POS systems are equipped with advanced features that help streamline communication and operations. These systems integrate with kitchen displays for cooks, inventory management for managers, and customer management for front of house employees, allowing workers to manage orders, inventory, and customer satisfaction. Most importantly, POS systems support contactless payments. This allows customers to pay their bills securely using mobile wallets on their phones and even QR code scanning. By using these new POS capabilities, restaurants can improve efficiency, deliver a more personal experience, and reduce wait times.

Dynamic Lighting

Lighting is crucial in any restaurant as a mood setter. In 2024, restaurants are continuing to adopt dynamic lighting that offers flexibility and control over the dining experience creating an environment all by itself. These lighting solutions encompass a range of technologies including smart bulbs, lighting fixtures, and programmable lighting solutions. Restaurant owners can adjust brightness, color temperature, and different effects to create different atmospheres for the space throughout the day. So, if you are a small space selling lunch during the day but are also a night life spot you can easily change up the lighting to suit the mood. Smart lighting systems often come with motion sensors and scheduling features, allowing the lighting of your restaurant to change automatically as the day changes. By using dynamic lighting solutions restaurant owners can create a memorable dining experience for guests and then pump up the party with ease for after-hours activities.

Smart technology is constantly changing within the restaurant industry. From entertainment aspects to operations and customer service. Embracing these new technologies such as smarter televisions, sound set ups, POS systems and lighting will set your establishment apart from the rest. By using these new technologies, you are a step ahead of the competition and your guests will notice which will help guide growth, customer satisfaction and keep those guests coming through your doors for 2024 and beyond.

Jason Fischbeck is the Owner of Automated Environments in Mesa, Arizona. Automated Environments have been installing residential smart home technology in central Arizona for over 25 years.

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