As on-site dining ratchets up and off-premises remains strong, these 54 products can help restaurants transition into a post-pandemic world.

Cracker Barrel

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Necessity may be the mother of invention, but basic survival will always take precedence. During the pandemic, restaurants and their partners were forced to turn on a dime, immediately implementing new strategies—often on shoestring budgets. So while innovation and on-the-fly fixes became commonplace, research and development slowed at many companies, where operations were hindered by more immediate needs and supply chain gridlocks.

Nevertheless, new product releases didn’t grind to a complete halt, as evidenced by the latest FSR Buyer’s Guide. In the following pages you’ll find appliances, digital solutions, furniture, foods, and even books to help usher in a prosperous, post-COVID future.

Click through the links on the right to see our top picks, from food to tech and everything in between.


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