From the classic categories to the new must-haves, these products will help see you through the pandemic and beyond.

Cracker Barrel

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Each year, FSR‘s Buyer’s Guide presents a fresh crop of products to help restaurants take their businesses to the next level. Thanks to the industry’s penchant for innovation and creative problem solving, there’s never a shortage of exciting tools, equipment, software, foodstuffs, furniture, and more. But while new-and-improved items are always hitting the market, they, like larger trends in foodservice, tend to fall into somewhat static categories—until now.

If 2020 has demonstrated anything, it’s that the old paradigm is no longer enough. Operators must still invest in the usual essentials, but COVID-19 has introduced a new batch of necessities, from partitions to contact-free faucets to body-temperature monitors. Many of these items are still in the earliest of stages, but their manufacturers—and restaurant customers—are charging full speed ahead.

It’s been a year of dramatic changes and no shortage of challenges. The products in this guide won’t alter the circumstances, but they can help set you up for a brighter 2021.

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