FSR editors handpick the best products for chefs and operators to consider in the coming year, across multiple categories.

Whether operators are looking to stock up on the essentials, from footwear to tableware, or seeking out the next breakthrough technology, this bountiful collection brings together a variety of the best products introduced into the restaurant industry over the last 18 months.

FSR editors combed through reader nominations, product announcements, and industry headlines to showcase fresh and re-energized tools capable of taking full-service operations to the next level. Chefs and restaurant owners hoping to improve efficiencies and enhance the dining experience will find ingredients and edibles—ranging from global to local, healthy and gluten-free—along with some of the most efficient equipment innovations along the way.

Neither a beauty contest nor a ranking, these selections are a gathering of wish list, shopping list, and curiosity-piquing items that can assist operators as they try to make the best, most-informed decisions in a crowded, growing, and abundant marketplace.

Catered Affairs

Operators are increasingly seizing opportunities to host special events, whether in the form of elegant banquets, intimate formal dinners, or festive tailgating picnics.

Anticipated Presentation

1 Anticipated Presentation

With the World Tableware Personal Chafing Dishes, food arrives at the table covered, ideal for keeping individual portions or shared appetizers warm. The stainless steel miniature chafers include a base, bowl, and handled lid, with the lid’s knob serving as a pedestal to create a staging area for discarded items, like seafood shells. Available in four sizes, 5-inch to 8-inch, and packaged 12 per carton, priced from $474/carton to $790.08/carton.

Farm-To-Table Decor


2 Farm-To-Table Décor

With the look of trendy burlap, but without that material’s limitations, FashnPoint Burlap offers a vintage, rustic look. Unlike burlap, which is coarse, scratchy, and not very absorbent, FashnPoint Burlap is made from 100 percent recycled tissue, and one napkin is strong enough to last an entire meal. The product comes in placemats, guest towels, napkins, FlatPacks to roll silverware, and a CaterWrap, perfect for outdoor dinning. Priced to order.


3 Better Than Paper

All the whimsy and nostalgia of classic paper picnic plates, without the tendency to buckle under the weight of any food heavier than chips. Meet the durable melamine plates from American Metalcraft, available in five sizes and resplendent in pure white. Dishwasher-safe, stain-resistant, and ready to party.

Small plates, in three sizes, priced $4.80–$7.80 each; 10 7/8-inch plates priced $11.80 each; and 16-inch plates priced $24.80 each.


Consistent Service

4 Consistent Service

Vidacasa Buffetware, released in October, introduces temperature-controlled buffetware that works independently of electricity, gels, fire, or ice. Hot cells and cold cells keep food at ideal temperatures for 50 minutes up to 8 hours. Each set includes a base tray, plate, and cold cell. The 12-inch-square by 4-inch-high set (two pack per case) is priced $244. Hot cells are sold separately; a 12-pack case of 6-inch by 1-inch hot cells is priced $360.


Fine-Dining Display

5 Fine-Dining Display

The Allure collection of premium dinnerware by SCHÖNWALD caters to the notion that place settings at special events should be as elegant as in any fine-dining restaurant. A thin profile, radiant appearance, and trademark BoneWhite porcelain elevate the collection, which includes plates, bowls, platters, cups, saucers, and more. The small 6 5/8-inch plates, packaged 12 per carton, $331.68; Large 12 3/8-inch plates, packaged six per carton, $783.60 per dozen.


Condiment With a Kick

6 Condiment With a Kick

Made with the distinctive Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and Red Gold Tomato Ketchup, this condiment packs a powerful kick. Conveniently presented in a 20-ounce inverted squeeze bottle, the Rooster Ketchup stands proud on any table or buffet line. Priced to order.


Fresh Holding Patterns

7 Fresh Holding Patterns

With thermostatically controlled heat and humidity, the Flav-R-Savor Tall Humidified Cabinets keep a variety of foods fresh and hot, maintaining optimum serving temperatures for extended periods of time. One cabinet will accommodate 12 sheet pans or up to 24 steam-table pans. Priced to order.


Earth-Friendly Catering Trays

8 Earth-Friendly Catering Trays

Plant fiber catering trays made from wheatstraw are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute and are guaranteed to break down in two to three months. They can be used for cold and hot items, to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, and are gluten-free because wheatstraw is the plant fiber that remains after the grain has been removed. Microwave- and freezer-safe, the catering trays are available as one-compartment, two-compartment, and three-compartment serving vessels.

A pack of 25 is $26.73; a case of 200 is $181.74.



Tasty Time-Savers

For many chefs and restaurant operations, prepared foods and mixes are the perfect start to scratch-made, signature dishes.

9 A Crisp Pop of Color

Dandy Radish MiniSticks satisfy the need for fresh radishes year-round. The matchstick-sized cuts are convenient, colorful, and add delicate crunch and flavor to salads, sandwiches, side dishes, garnishes, and more. They make a great topping for lettuce wraps or tacos, are mild enough for family friendly dishes, and can be cooked in soups and casseroles as well. $8.75 per 1-pound bag.


Going Gluten-Free

10 Going Gluten-Free

Stouffer’s Alfredo sauces are now available gluten-free, allowing restaurants to meet growing demand from diners. The gluten-free Alfredo and Alfredo Parmigiana sauces are heat-and-serve, made without any preservatives.

Available in four-pack cases, the Alfredo comes in 64- and 96-ounce pouches, priced $59.14 or $76.79, respectively; and the Alfredo Parmigiana comes in an 80-ounce pouch, priced $43.09.


Quick Comfort Food

11 Quick Comfort Foods

Reser’s Prepared Comfort Foods include Buttermilk Deluxe Mashed Potatoes, Hatch Green Chile Macaroni & Cheese, and Southwest Queso Macaroni & Cheese. The gourmet selections are bold in flavor and answer the rising call for spicy concoctions and mash-ups of regional and exotic ingredients. Simple to prepare and easily customized with a chef’s signature spin on the dish. Priced to order.


Homemade Made Easy

12 Homemade Made Easy

Served in hot or cold applications, Rich Products Rich N Easy Crème Anglaise sauce combines authentic ingredients like real eggs and cream to create a decadent, custard-like sauce. There’s no measuring, mixing, or stirring needed for consistent, efficient results, and it can be used as a sauce, dessert dip, plate scraper, or as the finishing touch on sundaes and pastries.

Twelve 32-ounce cartons per case, priced $46.


Consistency for Scratch Cooking

13 Consistency for Scratch Cooking

Starting soups, sauces, and flavorful entrées is easy with Campbell’s Signature Culinary Foundations, premium concentrates that have only 140 milligrams of sodium per cup. With no artificial flavors, colors, partially hydrogenated oils, major allergens, or added MSG. The product comes in Chicken and Vegetarian Vegetable, both packaged in a split-tray design, Priced about 4 cents per finished ounce.


Hot Potatoes

14 Hot Potatoes

Brilliant Beginnings Recipe-Ready Mashed Potatoes come washed, peeled, boiled, and riced—ready for operators to easily add their signature touches. The dry potato product from Basic American Foods is made with 100 percent potatoes that have no BHA/BHT, and no artificial flavors or colors. They can be prepared in three simple steps and be ready to customize in 12 minutes. Priced to order.


Made to Mix

15 Made to Mix

Dole’s Chef-Ready Vegetable Purées enhance starters, quick-scratch sauces, soups, stews, braises, baked goods, and more. Flavors include: Carrot, Sweet Corn, Mirepoix (onion, celery, carrot), Sofrito Blend (tomato, onion, red bell pepper, poblano chiles), and Trinity Blend (onion, celery, red bell pepper). The products are non-GMO, gluten-free, certified kosher, have no artificial additives, and come in a shelf-stable, 53-ounce pouch. Priced to order.


Happy as a Clam

16 Happy as a Clam

Available frozen or refrigerated, the Authentic New England Clam Chowder from Blount is gluten-free and made with an extreme amount of clam meat, slow-cooked in clam broth and sweet cream, with tender potatoes and spice.

Four 4-pound bags per case. Priced to order.


17 Mix of Greens

The Church Brothers Tuscan Lettuce Mix is a combination of small, whole heads of red and green leaf lettuces in one 8-pound box. With one cut, a chef can mix and match flavor profiles and colors to create customized salads. Simply cut, wash, mix, and serve.

$7.50 for an 8-pound carton.


fresh asparagus

18 fresh asparagus

U.S.–grown is increasingly hard to procure, but select farms in California, Michigan, and Washington still grow the labor-intensive crop. The California season runs February through May, with suppliers like Victoria Island Farms and Giumarra at the ready. The latter also offers a year-round supply of fresh asparagus from its growers in Mexico and Peru. Priced to order.



Saucy Sweet

19 Saucy Sweet

Perfect as a stand-alone side or as a topping for salads or entrées, the Simply Sauced Sweet Corn & Red Peppers in Mexicali Sauce deliver on-trend flavors with year-round freshness. Preparation is quick and easy—whether cooking on the stove, in a steamer, microwave or combi-oven—and the results are always consistent.

Available in a case of 12, 2-pound packages, priced per order.


Forget French Fries

20 Forget French Fries

Create bite-size, sharable appetizers or sides with the Idahoan Tater Tumbler Appetizer Mix, made with 100 percent Idaho potatoes. Easily personalized into a signature menu item by adding cheese, proteins, vegetables, and seasonings. The mix can be grilled, fried, baked, or placed on the griddle, and remain crunchy under a heat lamp for up to three hours.

Four 32.9-ounce pouches, an estimated 480 pieces per case, priced $47.


The Emperor's New Chips

21 The Emperor’s New Chips

Remember how invisible clothes made the ruler memorable? Once again it’s what’s not seen—the holes—that give these House Cuts Lattice Chips a consistent golden color and a crisp, airy bite. Made with only three ingredients—potatoes, oil, and sea salt—Lamb Weston’s chips can be used on appetizer and snack menus or as a convenient side. They cook in half the time of other frozen chips, and the skin-on product can be topped with fresh ingredients or served with dips. Priced to order.


22 Steam Dream

The Amana Steamer Oven steams, cooks, and retherms four times faster than traditional steamers, and accommodates two full-sized, 4-inch-deep pans. Reduced cooking time helps preserve food nutrients, while also providing a speed to service that doesn’t compromise taste or food quality. Microwave steaming ensures precise, consistent cooking—time and again.$8,575


23 Count on This

A new mobile app from HotSchedules helps level the purchasing field for independent operators and small chains—any restaurant that had to rely on manual inventories and spreadsheets to keep its pantry stocked. The mobile app, Count, can be fully customizable to a restaurant’s specific operation and will efficiently monitor on-hand inventory and queue orders when products fall below the defined number for ideal on-hand quantities. Priced to order.



Retro Rules

With a nod to nostalgia in the décor and on the menu, diner concepts are all the rage, often serving breakfast 24/7 and late-night snacks that rival high-end restaurants.

Flex That Coffee Muscle

24 Flex That Coffee Muscle

Sure, the name says it’s a G4 CGC Single Cup Coffee Brewer, but swap brew baskets during peak hours and it can produce up to a half-gallon of coffee at a time. Switch back to the single-brew basket to produce one cup. The machine also allows operators to control time, temperature, and contact time, and helps cut down on waste from producing too much coffee, while making sure every cup comes out fresh. $2,125


Flex That Coffee Muscle

25 Gourmet Napkins

Tabletop napkins just got fancy: The Xpressnap Image Napkin Dispensing System yields a more polished dining experience. Available in sleek aluminum (perfect for a diner) or genuine walnut (ideal for more upscale settings), the dispenser releases just one napkin, every time. The paper napkins are premium, extra-soft fabric—more reminiscent of luxurious cotton than those rough rectangles typically dispensed on restaurant tables. Priced to order.


a Pretzel twist

26 a Pretzel twist

Add salty crunch to a variety of dishes with the Pretzel Breader from Golden Dipt, a breading that features the coarse crumbs of real pretzel and panko. It’s a cost-effective way to create signature appetizers, desserts, and entrées, as well as some unexpected applications, like tasty Brioche French Toast. Coat everything from dill pickle slices to brownie bits. Each case includes a 10-pound bag that coats up to 125-pounds of food, priced $37–$42 per case.


Jukebox Jams

27 Jukebox Jams

Few things bring bygone diner days back to life better than a jukebox, and Rock-Ola’s classic options replicate those found in diners from the 1940s to the 1970s. The hand-assembled jukeboxes feature exotic hardwoods, chrome trim, and cut-glass mirrors—in a number of styles. Available with the traditional CD arm-changing mechanism, they can be connected to a smartphone or tablet. Priced $7,995–$10,000.


Authentic, Slow-Smoked Bacon

28 Authentic, Slow-Smoked Bacon

The breakfast of champions? Possibly, but most assuredly this is the breakfast of cowboys. Smithfield Platinum Log Smoked Bacon is slow-smoked for 12 hours over full-sized applewood logs, which delivers a deep, rich, ashy-campfire flavor profile. Sliced extra-thick, the full- belly pork is trimmed in its raw state and packed single-slice to simplify preparation. Priced to order.


29 On the Surface

Know that tables, counters, and food-prep areas are wiped perfectly clean by using Sertun color-changing indicator towels that clearly show when surfaces are being sanitized. The towels change colors to indicate when sanitizer is present. Blue indicates the towel is charged and ready to clean, and it changes to yellow as the surface is wiped, indicating a need to recharge the towel in the sanitizing solution.

Packed in quantities of 50 or 150 per case, and priced to order.


Breakfast Sandwiches

30 Breakfast Sandwiches

All-natural, gluten-free chicken sausage in a versatile patty is free of preservatives, nitrates, and MSG, making it an attractive alternative to traditional pork sausage. Chicken sausage is also available in skinless links, which are considered healthier and are more economical than casing links. Priced $3 per pound.


31 Milk the Moment

Coffee-mate’s popular French Vanilla creamer now comes in a Liquid Concentrate Squeeze Bottle. The convenient 8.25-ounce, 48-serving creamer doesn’t need to be refrigerated and has a shelf life after opening of 14 days. Ideal for coffee stations or table tops, and likely to be emptied long before its fortnight bell tolls. Priced to order.



Sure and Secure

Precision, consistency, and safety—not the sexy part of restaurant operations but necessary details that are prerequisites of success.

Out of Sight, Top of Mind

32 Out of Sight, Top of Mind

Kitchen fires pose a threat for every restaurant, but thanks to recent advances in fire suppression equipment, chefs and operators can rest easier. Tyco has increased nozzle heights for its ANSUL Piranha Restaurant Fire Suppression System so discharge nozzles can be installed up to 84 inches above the top of the hazard zone. This reduces the potential for nozzles to be inadvertently redirected or for grease to accumulate around the nozzle. Priced to order.


Induction Cookers

33 Induction Cookers

The BRIC series of Adventys induction cookers recently introduced a unit with a heavy-duty coil boasting an 11-inch diameter, which allows for fast heat transfer and facilitates morning prep with large stockpots as well as à la carte cooking throughout the day. The unit also has two cooling fans, a removable grease filter, and touch controls. $1,325


Easing Pressure Points

34 Easing Pressure Points

The SmartTouch Controller for Broaster Pressure Fryers reduces cook time, training, energy, and effort. The large, full-color touchscreen features preset cooking times and product photos. Operators can transfer cook times and settings from one machine to another via USB port, making it ideal for operators with multiple units. $610


Temperature Checks

35 Temperature Checks

BlueTherm probe thermometers give operators a way to instantly measure and log temperature readings for prepared foods. The thermometer probe pairs with Zenput’s mobile solution to eliminate the need to manually log temperatures. It guarantees exact readings, helping businesses serve food that complies with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points guidelines.

Estimated price of thermometer is $249; Zenput service is $50–$60 per user.


Fix What's Broke

36 Fix What’s Broke

Easy as a selfie. With the Parts Town mobile app, available free of charge on iOS and Android devices, simply send a picture of any piece of equipment that needs replacing or repairing. The PartsMATCH image recognition will find a visual match from a database that claims the largest in-stock OEM parts inventory. Thousands of manuals are available for every major brand, and in-stock parts are shipped same-day. Free to restaurant operators.


37 Loss Prevention

The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm has helped 18,000 restaurants nationwide prevent revenue loss due to pilferage and theft. The alarm creates a “No Go” zone around a restaurant’s back door, securing the most vulnerable security point in many restaurants and contributing to reduced food and labor costs, as well as promoting a safer environment. $495


38 Virtual Visibility

Remote Eyes Enterprise Data Server automates the real-time review of a restaurant’s point-of-sale transaction data and alerts management when suspicious transaction patterns occur. The system’s high-resolution video surveillance with text overlay allows for immediate administrative action. Priced to order.



Sugar and Spice

More than just nice, decadent desserts and flavorful ingredients bring creative and innovative alternatives to the menu.

39 Chilies Heat Up

McCormick For Chefs is offering three new blends to help operators capitalize on the spicy sensation. Sriracha Seasoning, Crushed Chipotle Pepper, and Ground Jalapeño Pepper can be used as a topical seasoning, marinade addition, or recipe ingredient. The bold flavor profiles are easily accessed in a shelf-stable, dry application. Priced to order.


Layered Pies

40 Layered Pies

Sara Lee Foodservice has four new flavors in its gourmet selection of Chef Pierre Luxe Layers pies: Salted Caramel with Chocolate Peanut Butter Cluster, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Mousse and Dark Chocolate Ganache, Key Lime with Mango Passion Fruit, and Banana Crème with Dark Chocolate Ganache. Pre-sliced and packaged with a dome and overwrap, these decadent desserts need only to be thawed and served.

Prices range from $1.35 to $1.69 per slice.


Ancient Becomes New

41 Ancient Becomes New

With the rise in popularity of ancient grains, Smart Flour Foods is offering a gluten-free flour blend made with sorghum, amaranth, and teff. The blend provides the texture and flavor of whole wheat, while presenting an enhanced nutritional profile. Popular products such as pizza crusts, and menu staples like hamburger buns, and pancake and waffle mixes, are also offered. Priced to order.


Booze-Infused Desserts

42 Booze-Infused Desserts

Have your cake and spirits, too! Just thaw and serve, then watch guests swoon over Booze-Infused Desserts from the pastry chefs at Dianne’s Fine Desserts. Tapping into beverage trends from craft IPA beers to the whiskey resurgence, dessert delicacies are infused with all manner of beer and spirits—bourbon, rum, whiskey, and more. Priced to order.


43 Flour Power

The multi-purpose gluten-free quinoa flour from Pereg Gourmet is GMO-free, and comes in a 16-ounce re-sealable bag. The product is kosher-certified by the Orthodox Union, as well as all-

natural, with no additives or preservatives, and dairy- and lactose-free. It can be used as a substitute in any dish, making it easy for operators to offer gluten-free menu alternatives. $3.99


Macarons Made Easy

44 Macarons Made Easy

For light and airy French macaron shells, simply add water to the powdered 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Macaron Mix. Chefs can produce customizable treats by filling the shells with their choice of ganache, buttercream, or any PreGel Arabeschi Topping & Filling. Also available in an all-inclusive kit that includes a Silpat sheet for measuring, four bags of the mix, and a case of macaron boxes. Priced to order.


In A Pickle?

45 In A Pickle?

Released in September, Pickled Delicacies: Vinegar, Oil, and Alcohol includes 174 recipes with instructions for pickling fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, fish, cheese, and more. Clementines in whiskey, curry pears, and goat cheese provençal are just a sampling of the delicious concoctions. Detailed ingredients, essential prep work (blanching, steaming, and filtering), and tips for serving and storage are included. $24.99



Proteins Define the Plate

From grasslands to barnyard, oceans to fresh water, premium entrées are raised with pristine attention to detail, conservation, and health.

Shoulder Into a Low-and-Slow Profile

46 Shoulder Into a Low-and-Slow Profile

Farmland introduces its Smoke’NFast Roasted & Seared Pork Shoulder—a tender, juicy pork that comes fully cooked and allows operators to get that “low and slow” flavor without the prerequisite prep time. Priced to order.


Schmooze Past Breakfast

47 Schmooze Past Breakfast

“Beef’s Answer to Bacon” is made with whole-muscle beef and a proprietary spice blend, and Schmacon, the popular new smoked, uncured beef, has less fat, calories, and sodium than traditional pork bacon. Schmacon also cooks in less time and boasts an all-beef flavor, offering a tasty replacement for non-pork eaters. Available in Ready to Crisp Slices, Fully Cooked Slices, and Schmacon Bits. Priced $60 per case.


Prime Cuts

48 Prime Cuts

Former baseball and football star Bo Jackson, along with Two Rivers, is offering Bo Jackson’s 34 Reserve, fresh cuts of USDA-graded choice beef, including ribeyes, striploins, tenderloins, and sirloin. The Two Rivers process accentuates the beef’s natural marbling for a more flavorful, tender, and juicy product. Priced to order.


Sustainable Salmon

49 Sustainable Salmon

The farmed Atlantic Salmon from Lewis Mills & Co. has been awarded Chain of Custody certification from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, reinforcing the credibility, authenticity, and traceability of its seafood production. These sustainable processes ensure that the best environmental and social choices have been adhered to, yielding premium seafood. Priced to order.


Poultry Goes Premium

50 Poultry Goes Premium

Perdue now raises more than half of its chicken with no antibiotics of any kind—human or animal. With its decision to completely eliminate the use of antibiotics, Perdue effectively raises the “Never-Ever” bar a notch higher for premium poultry. Priced to order.


Earthy Settings Get Edgy

51 Earthy Settings Get Edgy

Perfect for hearty entrées and farm-to-table selections, Fortessa unveils Stōn, Cobble, and Slayte—tableware designed with an earthy look and feel. Presenting in interesting shapes, the pieces are durable, dishwasher-safe, and inspired by nature, effectively bringing the elements indoors for customers. $39 to $66 per six-pack case.


No Bones About It

52 No Bones About It

The Clear-Cuts Rainbow Trout Fillets are 100 percent boneless and available in natural fillet and butterfly style. Clear Springs trims the belly flap, removing the pelvic fins and tail, cuts out the dorsal fin, and makes a V-cut to remove the pin bones. The result: a delicate, mild, and tender fish that accents the flavors of marinades, sauces, and seasonings. Priced to order.



Hot Topics

Run ahead of the pack, stay connected, be sure-footed and fashionable—aspirational goals that inspire and inform the way we work and live.

Get a Grip

53 Get a Grip

SureGrip slip-resistant technology partners with leading shoe brands—New Balance, Aerosoles, Dockers, Caterpillar, Johnston & Murphy, Merrell, Crocs, Lila, and the company’s own Keuka—to offer more choices, styles, and colors to professionals. The company offers free shipping, returns, and exchanges, as well as same-day shipping, payroll deduction, and ship-to-home options.

Assorted styles, with prices ranging from $34.98 to $99.98 per pair.


Walking Pretty

54 Walking Pretty

Flats, wedges, colorful canvas, or classic work styles—the shoe selection from MOZO’s Women’s Collection can outfit a restaurant crew in fashionable, slip-resistant comfort.

Assorted colors and styles, ranging from $80 to $150 per pair.


Hiring Power

55 Hiring Power

What if all job applicants came recommended by a trusted employee? That’s essentially what happens with HotSchedules, which creates networks where restaurants can crowdsource their workforce, and then leverage the extended networks of their existing team members to fill open positions. Employers can view candidate profiles that include verified work histories, certification information, and referrals given by current team members. Free to download.


56 Sole Food

The best thing since sliced bread? No, it’s not craft beer (that’s No. 2). The No. 1 best thing to come into the foodservice industry: Dry Max Socks with unique technologies that keep feet dry and comfortable. And because they are seamlessly smooth, in abrasion-resistant nylon, with strategically placed breathable mesh to keep feet cooler, the socks help prevent blisters.

Available in two styles, Crew Socks or Quarter Crew Socks, each priced $10 per pair.


57 The Numbers Game

Winning or losing in the competitive restaurant industry often comes down to pricing strategy, but Pricebite, a new tool from foodservice data provider FoodGenius, is making the game more manageable. Reports provide pricing information on menu items from restaurants around the country—from national brands to independent operators and emerging chains.

Available to purchase à la carte, $100 per quarterly report.


All Charged Up

58 All Charged Up

The ZON Powersol Solar Charging Stations keep diners from having to search for an outlet to charge their mobile devices. The solar-powered umbrella is capable of charging three mobile devices simultaneously, and does so as quickly as a wall outlet. The canopies are custom-crafted using Sunbrella Fabrics, with frames from TUUCI, Fiberlite, and California Umbrella.

Three options, with prices ranging from $1,600 to $2,600.



Make a Clean Sweep

Earth-friendly, sustainable tools and processes create wash-and-ware best practices.

Control Frenzy

59 Control Frenzy

Operators seeking to monitor and perhaps reduce spending can subscribe to Orderly, a mobile app that manages invoicing, inventory, and ordering. The app simplifies back-of-house processes, allowing operators to track spending, monitor supplier pricing, and consolidate invoices. A dashboard, help desk, and system to complete counting and valuation for inventory are recent upgrades.

Monthly subscription fees range from $49 to $400.


Water Saver

60 Water Saver

The PowerPulse Pre-Rinse Spray Valves from Encore Premium Plumbing Products use pulsating jets of water with a 1.05 GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate to power-off dried and baked-on food in only 12 seconds, using about 9 percent less water than its nearest competitor. The PowerPulse is also available in .74, .65, and .45 GPM flow rates for operators looking to save even more water.

The PRSV with a 1.05 GPM flow rate lists at $110.


Sustainable and Sanitary

61 Sustainable and Sanitary

ConserveWell is a water-saving, heated utensil holder that keeps utensils in a controlled temperature, above 140 degrees, and safe from harmful bacteria growth—eliminating the need to load sinks with gallons of water. The product, which rinses and protects serving utensils, can be wall-mounted with convenient slot mounting brackets, or placed on a countertop. $525


62 A Greener Shade of Clean

The Concentrated Liquid Dishmachine System is a highly concentrated detergent and sanitizer system that is ideal for low-temperature dishmachines. The system reduces the detergent, rinse additive, and sanitizer from the average use of three 5-gallon buckets down to two 2.5-gallon bottles. The rinse is a non-chlorine, EPA-registered product, while the dispensing system reduces chemical exposure. Priced to order.


Ice Comes of Age

63 Ice Comes of Age

The rotating barrel technology of the Ice Vortex 500 produces clean, fresh ice that eliminates the odor and taste of stale ice. The advanced technology has high-speed dispensing, and an automatic internal ice zone with a 10-minute cyclone clean cycle, helping to ensure bacteria and mold do not contaminate the ice. The storage barrels hold 500 pounds of ice, are stainless steel, and compatible with any icemaker. $7,800


64 The Clean Plate Club

The Apex Conveyor Dishwashing Machine provides up to a 50 percent reduction in utility costs by reducing water and energy use with a process of one-pass, low-water warewashing. It incorporates a unique rinse system that captures waste heat, and fresh rinse water is pumped at constant pressure to deliver consistent results. Priced to order.


Technology that Enhances the Full-Service Experience

Handheld POS

65 Handheld POS

The Orderman7 mobile point-of-service solution allows servers to input orders and process payments anywhere in the restaurant, improving productivity and speed of service. The system runs Aloha Mobile, a POS software used by more than 60,000 restaurants, and servers equate the high-resolution, high-definition 5-inch display to using a smartphone. Durable and impact-resistant, the Orderman 7 stands up to the rugged demands of a restaurant setting, and the battery offers up to 18 hours of operating time. Priced to order.


EMV Ready

66 EMV Ready

The pay-at-the-table platform from TableSafe features a handheld device that looks similar to a bill presentation folder, allows the guest to self-insert EMV cards or use NFC-enabled payment options like Apple Pay or Android Pay, and also helps restaurants turn tables quicker. Guests can auto-calculate the tip, split the bill multiple ways, pay-by-item, and receive email receipts. Additionally, TableSafe provides increased card security via point-to-point encryption. Priced to order.


Smart and Simple Gets Sexier

67 Smart and Simple Gets Sexier

TouchBistro, the proven tableside POS system that enables servers to take orders at the table and send them wirelessly through an iPad, recently added features that include a loyalty program integration with SmoothPay, a mobile wallet integration with PayPal—which allows for card processing and pay-at-the-table, a dynamic cloud reporting platform, and a customer-facing display interface that allows patrons to see their order and total. And yes, it’s all EMV-ready. Priced to order.



Juicy News

For sipping on the rocks or sweetening cocktails, fresh and natural juices bring authenticity and variety to beverage service.

68 Pick-of-the-Crop Blend

Monin Stone Fruit Syrup is a blend of ripe peach, apricot, and dark cherry. Made from the highest-quality ingredients, natural flavors, and pure cane sugar, it’s an authentic, multi-dimensional flavor that can be added to iced tea, lemonade, cocktails, culinary applications, and more.

Case of four 1-liter bottles is $40.


Trending Apple

69 Trending Apple

Bottled from October through February, Tree Top’s 64-ounce Honeycrisp apple juice is fresh-pressed, never from concentrate, and made from 100 percent Washington State Honeycrisp apples. With the taste of Honeycrisp in strong demand, this product works well mixed with spirits or served in a chilled glass. Estimated price: $2.60 a bottle.


Gluten-Free Syrups

70 Gluten-Free Syrups

PreGel’s Fruit Lounge Syrups come in nine flavors, ranging from coconut to passion fruit, and can be used to accentuate all manner of beverages, including cocktails, mocktails, craft sodas, smoothies, milkshakes, and more. As an added perk, they can also be used as toppings to dress desserts, drinks, and other dishes with various flavor combinations. Priced to order.


71 Watermelon Wins

Every bottle of Tsamma Watermelon juice contains over 1.5 pounds of farm-fresh watermelons, cold-pressed, gently pasteurized, and cold-packed. No added sugar or artificial flavors, and an 8-ounce serving is just 80 calories. Available in a 32-ounce bottle for foodservice. Watermelons have three times the lycopene of a tomato and more potassium than a banana.

Twelve 8-ounce bottles retail for $40; the 32-ounce foodservice bottle is priced to order.


72 Speed to Serve

The BlendPoint system gives operators a comprehensive solution for dispensing, blending, and servicing frozen beverages—in under 30 seconds. A refrigeration cabinet from Lancer allows for high-quality product that doesn’t need to be shelf-stable, and the commercial grade blender boasts a 3.8 peak horsepower motor. The fully contained crew-serve station also features a 25-pound ice hopper, sound-dampening door, and rapid-rinse station. $11,500



Toast the Town

Beverage service begs for a certain amount of pageantry, showmanship, and elegance—but always underscored by practicality, durability, and function.

Vive la Difference of Vino

73 Vive la Différence of Vino

Vino Pins present a commercial-grade metal wine rack that can attach directly to any surface, including drywall, concrete, and wood. The pins are stylish, modern, minimalist, and can show off a single bottle or a vast collection of wine bottles. With a label-forward system that showcases a bottle’s label, they can be installed in one, two, or three-deep configurations.

Starter sets priced $17–$19, with extensions available at $17 each.


74 Easy Choice for Hard Cider

The distinctive design of this Hard Cider Taster allows for a definitive tasting experience. The bottom ridges provide a comfortable grip and help release aromas that are concentrated and intensified by the apple-shaped bowl, giving off a multi-sensory tasting experience in a delightful 5-ounce capacity—ideal to pair with flights or tasting menus.

Packed 24 per carton for $34.32.


Craft Beer Perfection

75 Craft Beer Perfection

The right glass for the right beer: Contoured to concentrate and enhance flavors, this 16-ounce Craft Beer Glass creates a sensory experience of taste, aroma, and aesthetic, highlighting the attributes of many styles, from an IPA to a stout. The glass is easy to hold, and the narrow top captures aromas, while the thick sham adds to perceived value and makes the glass stable for use in bars and restaurants.

Packed 12 per carton for $64.80.


The Craft of Pairing Beer and food

76 The Craft of Pairing Beer and food

Beer, Food, and Flavor: A Guide to Tasting, Pairing, and the Culture of Craft Beer, released in November, is an authoritative guide to the diverse array of flavors found in craft beer—and the joys of pairing those flavors with great food. Featuring new breweries and recent developments in craft beer, this beautifully illustrated book explores how craft beer can be integrated into the American food movement, with an emphasis on local and sustainable. $19.99


Rugged Crystal

77 Rugged Crystal

No, it’s neither an oxymoron nor an impossible feat, thanks to Fortessa Tableware Solutions, which introduces Torre, a lead-free crystal glassware that is durable and dishwasher-safe. The glass is break-resistant and able to withstand rigorous commercial foodservice handling. The gracefully curved and elegant stemware is available in styles for Chardonnay, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and water service.

$15 per case of six.


78 Customized Cocktail Stations

Five models to choose among make it easy for operators to pick the ideal cocktail station, and these new mixology units—designed with the input of top mixologists—include special features that boost efficiency, most notably a compact design. The largest model is 20 inches wide by 24 inches deep, and boasts a wet waste sink with faucet, a tool well with faucet, a rinser faucet, an ice scoop well, and a cutting board. $1,500


79 Mixed Media

The Xhibit Mykro, an extension of Mvix’s digital signage platform, generates high-definition graphics so the digital menu board can play up seasonal beer and cocktail selections in a versatile entertainment hub where live TV mixes with promotional messaging. The cloud-based content management software offers a customizable graphics engine where operators can mix the menu content. $259


Nostalgic Mixology

80 Nostalgic Mixology

W.C. Whitfield’s Mixed Drinks and Cocktails: An Illustrated, Old-School Bartender’s Guide features more than 400 recipes as well as information about equipment and measurements. This collection combines two fully illustrated books of recipes—Just Cocktails (published in 1939) and Here’s How: Mixed Drinks (1941)—to teach readers everything they need to know about mixing classic cocktails. $16.99


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