Where to go and what to do to expand your brand.

17. Open inside hotels, but bring an energized business model that connects multiple dining concepts and serves all dayparts.

18. Want to make your restaurant the No. 1 choice for private dinners and special events? Start with an events-management tool that will empower management to easily and effectively manage all of the details.

19. Incubator kitchens shared by aspiring chefs, restaurateurs, and visionaries provide laboratories for culinary exploration.

20. Snap it, Pin it, Post it: Connect your restaurant with guests on every social platform.

21. Leverage the multitude of automated guest-management solutions to expedite table turns, streamline service, and drive efficiencies.

22. Instant synergy: Open a retail food market with the restaurant.

23. Look to the cloud for management consistency across multiple units and efficiencies in scheduling staff.

24. Explore third-party resources to handle administrative logistics with part-time employees and the HR needs of seasonal staffing.

25. Think small: Big dollars can come from teensy spaces, as witnessed by Chef Tesar’s 350-square-foot space that generates $1.5 million in sales.

26. Upscale-polished concepts are soaring in airport locations, which can be both a profit builder and a way to introduce visitors to your brand.

27. Become a food porn star; take pictures of every signature F&B and share the sexiest ones.

28. Turn promotions into games that keep guests engaged.

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