What to do with food, beverage, service, staff, guests, and more!

Whether you find these innovations inspirational or aspirational, they represent ideas and practices on the rise. Some are already moving into mainstream settings—applicable for operators with one location or hundreds, in casual to fine dining. Others are more experimental—perhaps better suited to an LTO menu or restaurants serving more adventuresome diners. 

Editor’s Note: This is not a ranking; the numbers are for reference only. When applicable, page numbers for correlating stories in this issue are indicated.

lamb burger

Fine to Fast

Exquisite white tablecloth practices are migrating mainstream.

citrus salad

Rethink the Plate

New cuisines, shifts in the center, and sides step up.

The Durham Hotel

Growth Oriented

Where to go and what to do to expand your brand.

Max the Potential

Leave no money on the table; instead optimize resources, efficiencies, and earnings.


Beverage Trends to Toast

For many brands, staying ahead of the competition begins at the bar.

Be Sustainable

Live, think, breathe, cook, play, and eat for a greener, healthier world.

Technique and Trend-Setters

Maybe it’s time to defy convention—play with fire, eat bugs, challenge the norms.

Coming to America

Top 10 international cuisines on the rise.


Food Fashion

From pantry staples to the hottest spices of the season, these are the ones that are styling’ in 2017.


Sales Tips

From smart descriptors to demographics, be sure to court the right kind of consumer this year.

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