Clear glasses in a restaurant in the city street.
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Wiping solutions can play a critical role in preventing cross-contamination and the spread of germs.

5 Tips for Enhancing Foodservice Cleaning and Sanitation

How do you know which wiping product to select?

Proper cleaning and sanitation in a foodservice environment is more important than ever right now, which is why it pays to make sure you have the tools to do the job properly.

Wiping solutions can play a critical role in preventing cross-contamination and the spread of germs. Your choice of wipers can make a big difference in ensuring that proper surface sanitization takes place.

But how do you know which wiping product to select? Here are 5 tips for choosing the right foodservice cloth for the task.

Select quality products. Invest in the tools that your staff needs to be efficient. High-quality wiping cloths and towels allow people to work confidently, accurately and quickly—without worrying that a wiping product will break apart under the intensive workflows typical of foodservice environments.

Look for highly absorbent solutions. Better absorption leads to less wiping, a quicker dry and better general cleaning. When moisture is left behind, the risk of contamination rises. As a result, when sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces, its essential to let the chemicals remain for the proper dwell time before wiping away any remaining residue.

Make sure solutions are strategically located. Accessibility is essential for speed and efficiency. Wipers placed within hand’s reach allow for seamless cleaning of work surfaces, equipment and utensils, minimizing time-consuming excess movements.

Establish easy-to-follow cleaning protocols. “Keep it simple” should be your mantra. Clear, straightforward instructions will enable new, part-time and veteran employees to work with speed and accuracy.

Consider disposable wipes vs. bar towels or rags. CDC guidelines recommend the use of disposable wipes for cleaning commonly used surfaces. (To disinfect, use EPA-registered products.) In addition, more than one-third of foodservice decision-makers say that disposable wiping solutions better comply with health guidelines and lead to faster cleaning. Plus, bacteria can proliferate in wet bar towels and rags. Surveys of used cloths in food retail environments have found heavy contamination with various bacteria.

Remember, the tools you choose to do a job can make all the difference. Selecting the right wiping solution can help you clean and sanitize better, faster and more effectively to enhance food safety in your operations.

Sarah Happel is associate director for product management, North America Wiping & Safety, for Kimberly-Clark Professional in Roswell, Ga. For more information, visit