Europain Exhibition Celebrates the Sweeter Things in Life

As great lovers of chocolate and confectionery, the French consumed 378,000 tons of chocolate in 2010 and 238,000 tons of confectionery in 2009.

Synonymous with pleasure, sharing and celebration, chocolate, and confectionery, just like French pastry-making and cuisine, are the product of a national know-how that is recognized the world over.

In today’s market, 4000 French confectioners and chocolate-makers are exploring every possible blend and combination in search of original and unexpected harmonies.

Europain: the International Bakery, Pastry, Ice-Cream, Chocolate & Confectionery Exhibition has been created to ceebrate this love of confections. 

At the heart of Europain 2012, the Intersuc exhibition will be a major event in this year’s chocolate and confectionery calendar, bringing together everything the profession has to offer, as well as encouraging and rewarding the creativity of its illustrious representatives as they take part in our exceptional competitions.

Following in the footsteps of pastry-makers, chocolate-makers are now proposing creations that integrate more daring and surprising tastes than ever before.

They no longer hesitate to blend chocolate with exotic fruits, spices or aromatic herbs.

Another trend involves presenting chocolate and confectionery products like fine jewels.

In close collaboration with designers, industry professionals slave over the shape of their chocolates, their decoration, and the jewellery-box type packaging that will house them.

As a result, holidays such as Easter in particular see the creation of items of chocolate work that are true sculptures and short-lived works of art.

With a dedicated 3630m² surface area located at the heart of Europain, the Intersuc exhibition will bring together the full range of top French and international exhibitors specializing in chocolate, confectionery, packaging, and retail space development.

Formerly known as Rubans Bleus, the Collections Intersuc will recognize and reward the most inspired creations in Confectionery, Chocolate, Biscuits, Snaps, Pastry, Presentation, Packaging, and Display Accessories.

From 3 to 7 March 2012, chocolate will be without a shadow of a doubt a product that candidates will have to master with the greatest possible precision in order to produce their most beautiful creations.

At the Mondial des Arts Sucrés, mixed gender pairs from 16 countries will have to demonstrate daring and creativity to produce, amongst other challenges, a piece of chocolate work, three miniature cakes (including one chocolate, one pistachio, and one fruit), three sorts of chocolates (one fruit ganache, one praline and one free choice) and a piece of sugarwork.

Chocolate will also be celebrated during the Coupe Europe, a selection round for the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie.

During this competition, the very best European pastry chefs will create nine identical dessert plates involving chocolate, as well as an artistic chocolate centre piece presented on a 60x40 stand and not exceeding 125cm in height.

The Île-de-France (Paris area) selection round for the World Chocolate Masters will in turn see six candidates battle it out to create an artistic chocolate centre piece, two sweets, and a dessert based on the theme of Weightlessness.

The winner will take part in the National Final in October 2012.


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