Restaurant Notes

Editor Connie Gentry shares thoughts on restaurant operations, foodservice trends, beverage happenings, and people leading this segment of the hospitality industry.


The Restaurant Industry is Ripe for Gigging

The advantages of joining the gig workforce are obvious for chefs and restaurant professionals who want to travel the world.

Teaching Chefs How to Taste

I learn something new in every interview, especially when I’m talking with leaders at the top culinary schools.

Waste Less, Share More

Roughly 70 billion pounds of “good” food goes to waste each year and some 48 million people live with food insecurity, but restaurants can make a positive impact on hunger and sustainability.

A Bright Future Ahead for Independents

Single-unit operators continue to pop up around the country.

A Shout-Out for Highland Avenue Kitchen's Hootenanny

Chef Kyle McKnight brought together more than 20 chefs for a rousing dinner benefiting the Hickory Soup Kitchen.

Buzzy Happenings

Fine food goes fast, best beverage programs in the summer’s hot cities, and sessions to hit at NRA.

Food Authenticity

The focus is on fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients, distribution integrity, and purity in preparation.

Table the Smartphone Chatter

Dining room etiquette calls for courtesy to trump obsessive connectivity.

FSR Adds New Content in 2016

Two more issues each year plus a monthly column with the ment’or BKB Foundation, which kicks off with advice from Chef Philip Tessier on how to help young aspiring chefs develop mental fortitude.

The Debate over Danny Meyer's Bold Move Continues

When it comes to tipping, opinions remain evenly divided between skeptics and supporters.