Ecolab Launches Stealth Fly Eliminator

Ecolab Inc. launched the STEALTH Fly Station at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show, May 5-8, in Chicago. This proprietary addition to Ecolab’s industry-leading Large Fly Program attracts and eliminates flies before they enter a facility.

Presented with a Kitchen Innovations 2012 Award by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, HotelMotel Show, the STEALTH Fly Station has shown the ability to reduce flies in full- and quick-service restaurants and other food industry facilities by up to 50 percent.  

“The presence of large flies inside a restaurant is considered a potential threat to food safety as large flies can easily transmit common pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli,” says Dr. John Barcay, senior scientist and urban entomologist, Ecolab Pest Elimination.

“In addition to presenting health risks, flies may indicate a sanitation issue and can reflect negatively on a business’s brand and reputation. Ecolab is committed to providing proactive and discreet fly elimination solutions, and is excited to add the STEALTH Fly Station to its Large Fly Program.” 

The STEALTH Fly Station is a dark, reflective device that uses multiple stimulating characteristics to attract and eliminate flies around the exterior of a facility before they can become a problem inside. The device can be placed near common fly areas, such as dumpster corrals, to discreetly keep flies from interrupting daily operations.

The STEALTH Fly Station also helps reduce pesticide use, resulting in a lower impact and a more sustainable approach for the environment.

Ecolab's Research and Development team developed the STEALTH Fly Station through extensive testing of fly behavior and evaluation of environmental characteristics to understand how flies adjust and react to different types of stimuli. By studying flies under field conditions and when released into controlled environments, the team gained new understanding of fly exploration behavior and utilized the findings to develop STEALTH Fly Station technology. 

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