Ziosk Launches New Next-Generation Tablet for Restaurants

Ziosk, maker of the world's first ordering, entertainment and pay-at-the table tablet, is once again revolutionizing the dining experience with the launch of Ziosk Aurizon, the next-generation tablet for the restaurant industry. Designed to meet current and evolving requirements in payment technology, the Ziosk Aurizon tablet features a first-of-its kind, all-in-one payment slot for both card dip and swipe motion, providing the highest levels of payment security and consumer ease of use. Additionally, the fully re-designed tablet embraces a smaller, sleeker model with a larger display screen and eleven-times faster chip based processing. With its suite of enhanced capabilities, the new Ziosk is for the first time, available to restaurant brands and guests in select international markets.

The Ziosk Aurizon tablet enables guests to use Google Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay at the table, and provides restaurants heightened payment security by offering Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). The new tablet also features a secure, touch-enabled PIN pad on the front glass to support chip and PIN payment required outside the United States. No other tabletop tablet manufacturer offers a solution that yields such game-changing payment innovation, security and convenience for restaurants and guests.

“From EMV to mobile wallet to chip and PIN technology, the restaurant industry is undergoing significant change with regard to payment,” says Austen Mulinder, CEO of Ziosk. “The Ziosk Aurizon tablet offers restaurant operators a unique, turnkey solution that addresses these shifts, while delivering an improved secure, and easy to use experience for guests.”                                             

Key features in the Ziosk Aurizon tablet include:

Latest Payment Technology

All-in-one payment slot for both card dip and swipe motion

Mag stripe, EMV, NFC, chip & PIN payment pad accessibility, QR code, and compatible with future login based payment options

Ease & Sleek Simplicity

Larger LED Screen: eight inch full HD retina display screen with over 2.4 million pixels; screen is 15 percent larger compared to the current Ziosk

30 percent smaller hardware footprint compared to the current Ziosk

Auto-cut printer for receipts

Easy battery insertion and paper roll insertion for wait staff


Three-times faster processing

Eleven-times faster graphics processing

4GB RMA and 902.11ac 2x2 MIMO Wifi chipset

Future Proof

Contextual LED touchscreen PIN pad (only lights up during payment)

Eight MP Video Camera with multicolored LED Flash

Tablet supports beacons for any future payment technologies

“Our engineering and creatives teams collaborated in lockstep with product design studio, Ammunition, and engineering firm, Alloy Product Development, in the development of this next generation Ziosk,” says Viren Balar, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Ziosk. “Our combined expertise along with preeminent companies helped us catapult a concept into a game-changing product and choosing these best-in-class partners further demonstrates our commitment to quality and improving the dining experience.”

The new Ziosk 8-inch tablets will be available in the United States in addition to select international markets, enabling guests to interactively explore menu items and specials, as well as order appetizers, beverages and desserts, without having to wait for their server. Additionally, guests can participate in a variety of entertainment activities including trivia and games, all designed to enhance a communal experience at the table. Restaurant servers can now spend more time with guests and serve more tables, while enhancing the overall dining experience.

“The Ziosk Aurizon tablet was designed to meet growing demand from polished casual restaurant brands that may have international locations and a large-scale need for chip and PIN payment solutions,” says Mr. Mulinder. “Our original Ziosk, with all of the entertainment, ordering, and payment convenience that both guests and operators rely on and love, remains a focus of our business.  To that end, we have also launched our revolutionary ‘smart battery’ that converts any existing Ziosk into a device that also accepts EMV and NFC payments.”

Commanding 95 percent market share in the deployed tabletop tablet space, Ziosk tablets are currently in more than 3,000 restaurants across all 50 states. Ziosk has over 180,000 tablets interacting with more than 50 million guests per month, demonstrating Ziosk's continued momentum in the restaurant industry.

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