Yuzu Purée Now Available for Chefs and Mixologists

Les Vergers Boiron, a worldwide leader in frozen fruit and fruit purees for gastronomy professionals, has launched three new citrus preparations for the American Market. Some come in a puree (Yuzu) and some come in a semi-candied mix (Lemon and Orange). 

These new sources of inspiration add to an impressive 70-flavor range sold under the Les Vergers Boiron brand. But even though yuzu has recently been a huge trend in the most famous restaurants in France and in Europe, it remains a mysterious delicacy in North America

Yuzu is an eastern Asian citrus fruit that is widely used in Japanese and Korean cuisines. The size of an orange or a small grapefruit, it is wrapped in a thick, yellow skin that is so easy to peel Japanese cooks use it easily as a zest. Its taste relies somewhere between lime and tangerine. Nobody really consumes this tangy citrus fruit by itself; it is filled with pips. 

It is commonly used in many forms: zest, powder, jam, tea, and juice are some. It is powerful and versatile, and appreciated by mixologists. Pasty chefs and ice cream makers also love to use it to  feature subtle citrus notes and innovate with its refined yet unusual taste. 

And you probably have already tasted it without even knowing it, as it is used in many traditional recipes for miso soup or ponzu sauce. Schweppes also used it in some of its tonic recipes!

Les vergers Boiron use a unique method to produce not a juice or a very liquid mash, but a purée. This makes it easier to use in preparations and delivers a more powerful taste. The purée is packaged in a 1-kg tray with an inner grading scale (250g or 100g) for precise measuring.

Yuzu purée from Les Vergers Boiron is 100 percent natural and free of preservatives, artificial coloring, and thickening agents. As the factory freezes the purée as soon as it is made, its flavor is closer to the actual fresh fruit than  any existing products on the market.

Yuzu can be used in a wide range of sweet or savory applications, including portioned desserts, fruitcake, financier cakes, muffins, small tarts, wafers, soufflé, ice-cream, sorbet, granita, cream cake, crème brûlée, mousse, ganache, fruit  paste, and jam.

Les vergers Boiron has collaborated with several chefs to elaborate new, delicious recipes,  such as the Soleil Levant (Rising Sun) or a Yuzu & Citrus composition. Desserts are not the only way to use yuzu; Asian chefs also use it as a condiment for sush.

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