Young Entrepreneur Expands Honey and Spice Blends Henry's Humdingers

Last seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Henry Miller will now introduce Henry’s Humdingers, a completely different concept in honey May 16th-19th in the American Food Pavilion at the NRA Show.

It all began on a crowded flight when 11-year-old Henry struck up a conversation that would change lives. The man seated next to him, was a beekeeper and told Henry about bees and the worldwide crisis of Colony Collapse Disorder.

A natural born activist and entrepreneur, Henry decided right then and there to go into business and donate a portion of his profits to the preservation of honeybees.

Henry’s parents were skeptical but supportive. Suddenly, the family farm had hives and honey everywhere, more than they knew what to do with.

Henry was soon selling honey by the side of the road, but  he knew his honey had to differentiate from other local honey. Henry has always loved to cook and knew many recipes called for honey and all sorts of spices, so he added spice blends to make his products a short cut for cooks.

Henry has created five unique honey-based products to be used as condiments, ingredients, toppings, dips, sauces, dressings, glazes, marinades, and spreads. The products inclued Grumpy Grandpa, a savory cayenne and garlic; Naughty Nana, a mild ginger and pepper; Phoebe’s Fireball a smoky chipotle and cinnamon; Diabolical Dad a bright habanero and lime; and the newest member of the family Hanky Panky, a velvety vanilla and nutmeg.

The products can be used for everything from meatloaf, chicken, squash, and coleslaw to martinis, cinnamon buns, ice cream, and blueberry pie.

“The uses are absolutely endless,” Henry says. “Of course, you can use them like honey but the truth is you’re limited only by your culinary imagination. The combination of spices transforms the honey and your recipes into, well a real Humdinger.”

The products are vegetarian, all natural, and fat free, with no added sugar or preservatives. Henry and his family now sell Henry’s Humdingers in over 700 stores nationwide.

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