Women Executives Respond to Health Insurance Issues

The organization Women Executives in the Beverage Industry (WEBI) announced a partnership with SASid Insurance Development to provide members of the U.S. beverage and hospitality community access to affordable health insurance. This initiative was developed as a response to the frequently expressed need by service workers throughout America who are not afforded this security by their employers or have not been presented with reasonably priced options.  It will allow individuals, as well as corporate employees, access to a variety of health insurance plans, all with simple online enrollment.

“Members of the hospitality community fuel commerce and are vital to a healthy economy, yet, in this important circumstance, they have been overlooked for far too long,” says Katherine Tait, WEBI chairwoman.  If someone is part of the beverage and hospitality community, membership in WEBI will now help them find exclusive affordable insurance for accidents, illness, dental, and vision care.  WEBI and SASid aim to help individuals understand the new insurance options available in 2014 as part of the Affordable Care Act.   

SASid Insurance Development is a privately held insurance company headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin that has been twice named to the Inc. 5,000 list of "Fastest growing private companies in America" and is ranked as the 28th fastest growing insurance company in America.  SASid was chosen by WEBI because it creates "smart and simple" methods to purchase insurance.  Hence the company name: SASid - Smart & Simple Insurance Development.   

The new WEBI individual member Insurance Marketplace uses a cloud-based platform to simplify the once complicated and time-consuming application process.  Today’s WEBI members will be able to receive quotes about several types of insurance at one time and compare options to determine the best plan or combination of plans to fit their needs.  Members then apply by way of a simple e-application or they can call SASid’s professional support team for a personal consultation.   

Corporate members will be introduced to advanced insurance technologies.  SASid systems place human resources at the forefront of health care reform.  By working with existing group coverage, SASid can relieve the burden from HR teams through introduction of customized online platforms, which simplify enrollment and reporting as well. 

Guaranteed acceptance provisions in health reform will open up employers to the defined contribution model, allowing employees to better fit individual needs.  Employees will be able to choose from several carriers, plan designs and supplements rather than limited group plan options.  Employers can step back from the responsibility of choosing health care plans.  For those employees who do not qualify for employer contribution, online voluntary coverage options and pre-tax dollars will now be a practical solution.  WEBI understands the needs of the community and SASid has solutions that go beyond 2014.   


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