Where are Americans' calories and sodium?

New findings revealing the sources of calories and sodium in the American diet will be unveiled Saturday, May 5, at the 2012 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show at Chicago’s McCormick Place. 

Dr. Adam Drewnowski, a leading nutrition researcher and Dr. Joy Dubost, RD, director of nutrition for the National Restaurant Association, will present the latest findings around the sources of dietary calories and sodium among Americans, as well as how the restaurant industry is addressing healthy living.

“The CDC recently published a report on sources and food categories of sodium in the American diet. Our findings support their research and the additional data analyses we completed provide more insight into where the calories are/are not coming from along with more detail around sodium consumption,” says Dr. Adam Drewnowski.

The research conducted by Dr. Drewnowski investigates the sources of dietary calories and sodium, the distribution of calories and sodium by age and ethnicity, as well the food categories by location of the main sources of calories and sodium. In addition, research will be presented around whether sodium recommendations from the 2010 Dietary Guidelines are achievable with current eating behaviors.

“It’s critical to know the sources of calories and sodium in the diet in order to address the total diet of the American population. Based on the most current available data, this timely presentation will shed new light into this important scientific topic,” says Dr. Dubost.

The session, “Sodium & Calories: Can We Meet the Dietary Guidelines and Does This Impact Foodservice?,” will take place on Saturday, May 5, from 12-1:30 p.m. in Room S402A at McCormick Place.


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