Voosh.ai Launches Dispute Manager Solution for Restaurant Profit Protection

Voosh.ai, a data-driven restaurant analytics platform that reduces order issues, increases sales and boosts delivery margins, announced today the launch of its Dispute Manager to help restaurants protect profits while leveraging the company’s powerful analytics tools. With restaurants grappling with the complexities of third-party order errors, Voosh steps into the ring with its Dispute Manager, which aims to reshape the landscape of restaurant commerce by enabling efficient management and resolution of unnecessary charges and lost fees from errors made by third-party marketplaces. Voosh’s Dispute Manager ensures that operators can focus on what they do best: serving their customers.

As the restaurant industry continues to embrace digital channels and third-party platforms, managing and disputing order errors has become a significant concern for restaurant owners nationwide. These unnecessary errors chip away at the profits of hard-working restaurant owners, jeopardizing customer satisfaction and posing a persistent threat to their financial sustainability.

Voosh's Dispute Manager emerges as a powerful and timely solution to address these challenges. The new feature empowers restaurant operators to swiftly identify, manage and challenge order-specific error charges, protecting profit margins and enabling them to concentrate on their culinary expertise and customer satisfaction.

"At Voosh, we understand the complexities restaurant owners face in a dynamic industry," says Priyam Saraswat, CEO and co-founder of Voosh. "Our Dispute Manager is designed to revolutionize operations, providing restaurant operators with a robust tool to reduce lost profits due to food or beverage errors. Every restaurant owner knows the sting of seeing hard-earned profits lost to errors. With Dispute Manager, we're handing the power back to them."

Voosh customers utilizing the new Dispute Manager feature see dispute success rates between 60-70 percent in the first month. The company intends to create standards for dispute resolution times and success rates, to empower users and improve outcomes.

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