Vertex China Introduces Pure Collection

Meal presentation has become a vital component to a restaurants bottom line. Today, discerning diners are looking for food that appears fresh, delicious and eye-catching; so it is critical that the food takes center stage and shines. In an effort to remedy the situation a variety of overpowering and muddled serveware design options have been introduced to the market. Rather than lending vitality to food the overbearing design detracts from the dish, leaving an unimpactful presentation. The introduction of the Pure collection from Vertex China offers a clean and undistracted presentation that lets the food speak for itself.

Pure is a pristine bright white collection created to be a simple and stunning serveware option designed to make the food, rather than the vessel, the focus of the meal presentation.  The rimless coupe profile and unadorned porcelain body create an unadulterated beauty that is hard to match. The collection includes coupe bowls, platters and plates which can be mixed and matched together or combined with other Vertex China items for a seemless look. Pure is a versatile collection that can be utilized for a variety of applications such as healthcare dining and everyday use. Pure is the perfect backdrop to highlight the color, texture, freshness and the detailed arrangement of the food while maintaining a stylish tabletop.

It can be a difficult and daunting task to select serveware that visually displays food in an exceptional manner, while keeping up with guest perception. The many serveware choices available may not always contribute to a solution, but can actually exacerbate the problem by creating a presentation that loses the unique qualities and essence of the dish to overdone serveware. The brilliant white canvas of Pure with its soft rolled edges and understated coupe body make the presentation all about the food, while avoiding the pitfalls of presenting a meal that has gotten lost in the noise of an exaggerated vessel. Food takes on a vivid quality that showcases each distinctive aspect of a dish, color is more noticeable and composition becomes more clearly defined, this creates an impeccable and high impact presentation where the food is truly the center of attention, giving guests the “wow” factor that keeps them coming back for more.

“Pure is ideal for today’s media savvy chef - it puts the focus on the food and provides the perfect canvas for amazing culinary creations ready to be shared in the social world. We love bringing the best to the culinary community and Pure is another example of the beauty, quality and value of Vertex China,” says James Schulze Vertex China’s President/CEO.

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