Unified Office Launches Total Connect Now Dental Management Suite

Unified Office, Inc, a leading managed services provider offering reliable hybrid cloud-based virtual communications services and business analytics to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced that they are extending their award-winning communications and analytics service offerings to the dental industry with their Total Connect Now Dental Management Suite. Unified Office will exhibit this new offering at booth 333 at the Southwest Dental conference Sept. 6th through 8th, 2018 in Dallas.

“We are so happy to have found Unified Office,” says Dr. Daniel Fanikos, DMD, Fanikos Salib Dental Care. “At Fanikos Salib Dental Care we are obsessively dedicated to delivering the highest quality care to our patients. Similarly, Unified Office listens to our problems and then develops concrete, customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our rapidly growing practice. We are very pleased with the high reliability and high quality of their business communications services in addition to the superior customer support we have received from Unified Office. Because we don’t have to worry about the reliability and quality of our communications services, we are able to focus more on the overall effectiveness of our practice so we can continue to deliver the highest quality of care and customer service to our patients. Thank you, Unified Office.”

Unified Office provides a highly reliable, high quality, always available voice communications system with unique integrations into the leading dental practice management software platforms such as Dentrix, Opendental and Eaglesoft. More importantly, Unified Office enables dental practices to easily create and modify their own unique workflow choreography and to create their own virtual office communications environment, in addition to providing them with performance analytics and automated appointment confirmation and scheduling.

All of this is delivered to them in the form of a managed service where Unified Office takes responsibility for all of our customers’ services 24 x 7. Dental office staff can now easily forward calls to different locations at different times of the day in order to keep up with their mobile workforce that frequently moves between multiple offices or even within the same office. TCNDMSSM also provides an easy to use centralized administration solution for their communications systems across all of their offices and can be accessed by the device of their choice no matter whey happen to be.

“The dental industry landscape is undergoing rapid change, the pace of which is largely unprecedented,” says Ray Pasquale, founder & CEO of Unified Office. “Dentists live in a highly competitive marketplace. For example, consumers have come to expect a one stop shopping experience where they receive all the services they need from a single dental practice. We also live in a real-time world today where consumers expect immediate attention. Missing an inbound call or putting someone on hold or even worse, putting them through to voicemail can result in missing a new patient opportunity or an appointment from an existing patient, both of which can result in lost revenue opportunities and potential reputational harm.”

Summary of Benefits for Dental Practices:

  • Uniformity of services enables their staff to easily bring their offices with them, wherever they happen to be on any given day.
  • A hybrid, on premise and cloud-based solution that enables the highest quality VoIP offering available with the most reliable and resilient service platform converting calls into dollars.
  • Business continuity that eliminates down time by finding and fixing problems in most cases before the customer becomes aware of them.
  • Automated notifications and scheduling.
  • Superior customer service, 24X7, provided by Unified Office in the US.
  • Integration with best-in-class dental practice management software.
  • Rapid installation of their services without interrupting their business.
  • Cost savings experienced over other options from eliminating the need for costly legacy T1 lines and/or MPLS circuits.
  • A single end-to-end managed service solution provided by one vendor means one call gets it all done with one partner should an issue arise.

Unified Office’s core mission is to help businesses of all types monetize their communications service and solve problems that are unique to them. Unified Office does this by providing them with reliable, high quality, business class, voice communications, and simple and elegant, easy-to-use services and applications that help them improve the effectiveness of their business operations. These services include real-time performance analytics and automated notifications for appointment confirmations and scheduling.

Total Connect Now is an easy to use managed business communications service that integrates voice and video communications, messaging, service-level monitoring, business continuity, and business analytics tools into a seamless, high quality, reliable communications service that can be configured to meet the unique needs of any business. Unified Office provides an at-a-glance view of customer service responsiveness in real-time, along with on-demand and scheduled reporting, and real-time analytics for any single or multilocation business. All of this can be viewed, configured and accessed remotely via the Unified Office fully integrated TCN℠ Operational Management Suite (TCNOMS) web-enabled portal on any device.

Unified Office is a managed services company that takes total responsibility for its customers’ business communications services. Proactive service monitoring and business continuity backup around the clock ensures a worry-free experience. With Unified Office’s extensive interoperability testing, users can rest assured that their service provides outstanding reliability and is available whenever and wherever they need it.

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