Traulsen Kicks Off 2019 with New Equipment Features

Traulsen is kicking off 2019 with the introduction of new equipment features that give foodservice operations more choice and greater control. Known for its 80-year history of manufacturing quality commercial refrigeration equipment, Traulsen is debuting its next generation Smart Control system on all R-Series and A-Series reach-in refrigerators and freezers.

Smart Control, designed with an easy to read and operate digital display, is built on custom software developed to maximize efficiency, provide sophisticated system diagnostics, and simplify the operator interface. Replacing the Intela-Traul control system that has been in operation for nearly two decades, Smart Control advances R-Series and A-Series units by adding advanced diagnostics and environmental sensors while maintaining simplicity of use.

Incorporating customer-backed innovation, the new control system is equipped with several critical alarms, including a power failure alarm that identifies three key data points: time of the power failure, time when power was restored, and cabinet temperature at restart. This removes the guesswork for operators and can significantly reduce unnecessary food waste. “With the introduction of our next gen Smart Controls, we’re advancing the industry to provide even greater reliability, efficiency and lower total cost of ownership,” says Laura Gutkowski, Sales Development and Marketing Manager at Traulsen. “As we ramp up production of the Smart Control system, customers can expect to see this new technology incorporated into our pass-through units, heated cabinets and roll-in units going forward.”

Also new for 2019 is Traulsen’s introduction of a choice in refrigerants that meet all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) refrigerant management program requirements. While most refrigeration equipment manufacturers have chosen to use only R-290, Traulsen recognizes the limitations facing many organizations in the adoption of this propane-based refrigerant. In response, Traulsen is offering environmentally friendly and EPA-approved choices on equipment that includes nonflammable R-450A blend, nonflammable R-448A blend, and R-290.

“Our plan to phase out R-134A and R-404A refrigerants by 2020 recognizes that some kitchen operators may not be comfortable with a propane gas-based refrigerant,” says Gutkowski. “The good news for them is that, despite the misinformation that has been circulating, R-290 refrigerant is not required. There are other options available and Traulsen is proud to offer our customers choice.”

Within each product category, Traulsen is offering at least one choice beyond R-290. Buyers of refrigerator uprights, prep tables and undercounter units can choose between R-450A and R-290, while freezer and blast chiller buyers can choose between R-448A and R-290 starting in mid-2019.

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