Tork Celebrates 10 Years as the Leading Napkin Dispenser System

SCA, the maker of the Tork brand of away-from-home paper products, is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Xpressnap napkin dispenser system, the revolutionary one-at-a-time dispenser that has transformed the foodservice industry by dramatically cutting paper waste.

One-at-a-time dispensing has stopped billions of napkins from entering the waste stream, as Xpressnap prevents patrons from grabbing fistfuls of unneeded napkins. This sustainability feature translates into substantial savings for restaurant and foodservice operators. Since 2003, Xpressnap’s 100 percent recycled and certified compostable napkins have diverted more than a half billion pounds of recycled paper from landfills.

“No one wakes up in the morning thinking they need a better napkin dispenser,” says John Drengler, vice president, Product and Marketing for SCA AfH Professional Hygiene North America. “But over the course of a decade, Xpressnap has come to represent Tork’s commitment to customer-driven innovation, a showcase for creating products that help our customers reduce costs, drive down labor expenses, and create a better work environment.

“In a restaurant, products like napkin dispensers are conspicuous if they don’t perform,” Drengler says. “Xpressnap is a product that helps restaurants improve their image while enhancing the dining experience.”

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