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Tips of the Trade: Are You Getting Your 15(+) Minutes of Savings?

Time clock theft seems like a minor issue, right? But a few minutes adds up quickly when your workforce is made up of hourly workers. In a blog we posted last year, Software Advice found that nearly half of hourly staff say they have exaggerated hours worked to the tune of 11-20 minutes.

It’s not always with ill will in mind. Surprisingly, most of those hourly workers weren’t intentionally riding the clock. This poses a problem for restaurants–how do you enforce punctuality to make sure all of your hourly workforce is clocking in at the right time?

HotSchedules POS-Integrated customers like The Signature Room in Chicago and Newk’s have been able to reduce the amount of extra time on the clock using HotSchedules Enforced Punctuality feature. Those extra 15 minutes here and another 10 minutes there have added up to significant savings over the long term.

Managers can set clock-in and out times in their POS, so that staff members can’t clock in early, ride the clock on their out times, or clock-in using an incorrect, potentially higher paying job code. It’s just a flip of the switch on the HotSchedules side to begin importing schedules into the POS, and customers can start enforcing punctuality right then and there.

HotSchedules POS-Integrated customers – Did you miss this step?
If you are not using punctuality control, it’s time to check in with your CSM or call Customer Care. Punctuality control is the last step in the HotSchedules implementation process. We can turn it on immediately after the first schedule is posted!


Introducing: SmartView

While punctuality control will save you money, the upcoming redesign of the Scheduler is designed to save you time. The new SmartView offers a day-level grid display (Gantt Chart style) so you can see more of the day and all employees scheduled on that day. SmartView also can be sorted by shift start time from earliest start to latest start. This allows you to make sure you have your “aces in place” before posting the schedule. Managers can choose to work in this new grid view or stay in the familiar ClassicView or switch back and forth!

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