Three Hens Concept Opens in NYC

With the ever-expanding palates of New Yorkers and a desire to have healthy, farm fresh food accessible, The Three Hens seeks to create a contemporary and sophisticated version of traditional American cuisine updated with the addition of fun and exotic flavors. Located in Kip’s Bay, The Three Hens aims to create a niche for its unique cuisine in not only its surrounding neighborhood, but throughout the entire city. Executive chef, Colin Kruzic, formerly of Nobu57 and Abe & Arthurs, is an expert at outsourcing local ingredients, and infusing his extensive fine dining background in a more playful, less rigid way. With an understanding of a 2011 New York mindset, The Three Hens brings value, culinary edge, and a locavore sensibility to a hip ambiance that combines bare urban structure with a cozy sense of home.

Beginning with crusty, rustic bread and sweet, creamy butter adorned with scallions, perusing Kruzic’s diverse, but specially crafted menu is an easy way to whet the appetite. When deciding what to order, The Three Hens wants guests to enjoy exactly what they are craving without confining themselves to typical menu standards. This means that for an appetizer you can order the Charred Baby Octopus in a creamy, light sauce of yogurt, sriracha, grapeseed oil, honey, and basil, followed by the American staple, the cheeseburger, cooked to juicy perfection and topped with fresh cucumber, lettuce, and tomato and an in-house special sauce, fired up with sriracha, lime juice, and other less conspicuous flavors to adorn the normal ingredients. In many other places, this combination may seem odd, but Kruzic, along with the rest of the team at The Three Hens wants guests to explore their palate.

A different route to go when beginning a meal at The Three Hens is to begin with Kruzic’s version of Seared Scallops. Available as both an appetizer and an entree, these succulent scallops are cooked with brown butter, bacon, and celeraic, creating an addictive dish that leaves you wanting more. For a dinner entree, designed by Kruzic as a tribute to the nearby Indian eateries, is the Grilled Rack of Lamb prepared with spiced tomato, cucumber yogurt, and dill. The tender lamb is flavorful, without being overly spiced.

Just like the lunch and dinner menu, brunch evokes flavor combinations that, while simple and traditional, have been reconstructed with stimulating flavors. An example is the Savory French Toast. The specialty is their addition of onions, jalapenos, Fontina cheese, and parsley, which adds an edgy kick to traditional French Toast. With a name like The Three Hens, there are bound to be eggs. Eggs Benedict is served with Canadian bacon, a spicy Hollandaise sauce, and fine herbs. Of course lighter items are available as well, such as Housemade Granola with yogurt and fresh fruit.

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to eat at The Three Hens for brunch, lunch, or dinner, there is no reason to not save room for dessert. Dessert is probably the most classically American course of the entire meal with the first option being Milk and Cookies. Expect freshly baked, luscious chocolate chips that ooze semi sweet chocolate when you break them apart followed by a refreshing glass of cold milk. Another choice is the Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie with Angostura Ice Cream. With the combination of bitters and sweets blending in your mouth, this classic pie vamped up will entice you to come back again.

Also not to be missed are the exquisite signature cocktails custom designed by veteran mixologist Zak Snyder. There will be no flavored vodkas or simple syrups– Zak plans to infuse his alcohol naturally on a monthly basis and use fresh juices, herbs, and spices. His passion combined with his understanding of intricate flavor creates unforgettable cocktails. The Les Sauvage, a new take on a pre-Prohibition cocktail begins with a homemade cordial of strawberry and rhubarb cooked down with cognac, lemon zest, and mint. Added to the shaker with lemon juice, Lillet Rouge, and the Polish vodka, Wodka, this beautiful fuchsia cocktail is as aromatic as it is delicious. Another of Zak’s inspired cocktails is the Prickly Pear Bourbon Fizz, a delightful combination of Bourbon, prickly pear puree, Luxardo Liqueur, and mint over the perfect touch of Creole bitters.

Like the cocktail menu, the wine selection is meant to be diverse and affordable. With an eclectic variety of worldwide selections, the wine list is meant to incorporate both Old and New world vintages from many smaller vineyards. Prices for most bottles vary between $35 and $150 – there will also be a Reserve List of an alternate 5 wines.

The Three Hens is located at 115 Lexington Ave. on 28thStreet and opened Wednesday, September 21.

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