Takeout Technology Processes $1 Billion in 6.5 Months

At the start of 2018, SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions’ steady incline of order transactions spiked, surpassing $3 billion. It took 53 months to reach the company’s first billion dollars in transactions processed, 16 for the second, and now 6.5 for the third, SYNQ3’s CEO Steve Bigari said. To meet the growing demands, SYNQ3 expanded to a new global operations center to service the more than 7500 restaurants nationwide that now utilize the company’s off-premise, takeout-ordering and technology solutions.

Why so much rapid growth? Time-saving, loyalty-building technology that saves the guest an average of 105 seconds on repeat orders. SYNQ3’s Rapid Reorder technology provides fast, frictionless ordering  that can be done with a few words or screen taps. The tech currently has an adoption rate of nearly 20 percent of identified guests. And, according to Bigari, some frequent users have figured out how to order their favorite meal in less than 10 seconds.

With its growing popularity, the Rapid Reorder technology was recently featured in a Xevo Inc. demonstration of its automotive commerce platform, Xevo Market, at the 2018 Restaurant Leadership Conference in Phoenix, Ariz. Xevo Market transforms and streamlines omni-channel mobile food ordering and pick-up, allowing customers to order and pay for goods and services, make reservations, and find locations of their favorite food, gas, and retail brands through the touchscreens of their vehicles and vehicle-brand-specific smartphone apps. Xevo Market is currently live in millions of vehicles.

“We are very excited about the increased recognition our technologies are receiving. These disruptive technologies are transforming the restaurant industry and becoming essentials for a successful restaurant operation,” Bigari says.

SYNQ3 has been servicing nearly 1,000 restaurant locations with automation solutions for the past two years. The company is currently adding one national restaurant chain to the Rapid Reorder platform every month, Bigari said. “The actual restaurant-function of our technology, taking orders, only scratches the surface of its abilities. The data we’re collecting from servicing 10,000-plus, digital, voice-engagement orders per day is incredible and will continue to provide revolutionary insights into the guest experience and restaurant offerings with time,” Bigari says.  

In April, SYNQ3 moved to the new global operations center. With several new technologies and solutions in development and deployed, the company needed to become a global operation, Bigari said. SYNQ3’s new facility breaks into three department centers: the Operations Center, Technology Center and Service Center. Operations houses the c-suite offices; the tech center houses innovations and tech servicing; and, the service center houses the ordering specialists who facilitate brand engagement and guest relations.

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