SWIPEBY Launches AI Text-to-Photo Feature

SWIPEBY, a customizable 360-degree direct ordering platform with added features for customer convenience, announced today they have launched a pioneering tool that enables restaurants to generate realistic images based on menu item descriptions and headlines. Called SWIPEBY Snapshot, it incorporates Open AI and Stability AI text-to-photo models and technology to help restaurants make online menus more user-friendly and increase ordering rates by up to 35 percent in just seconds.

SWIPEBY recognized that 80 percent of its clients do not have photos for the majority of their online menu items, which is representative of online ordering across all restaurants. Owners simply cannot afford to have photos taken each time they change a seasonal menu or for specials. In support of its mission to solve problems for independent business owners, SWIPEBY developed Snapshot to help clients reduce food waste, save money on expensive photography and streamline the ordering process for their customers.

"We're thrilled to bring this innovative technology to the restaurant industry," says Carl Turner, SWIPEBY’s CEO and founder. "Our approach is unique in that we integrate AI into our system. Snapshot uses the menu that is already uploaded or synced through their POS (such as Toast), allowing our clients to generate images with one press of a button. This saves significant time, expense and effort by the restaurant owner.”

With Open AI and Stability AI technology integrated into SWIPEBY's solution, restaurant owners simply use their menu’s item description and headline, and the SWIPEBY platform quickly generates an image. Each image is unique, realistic and allows customers to easily visualize what they're ordering. The images can also be downloaded for use on a restaurant’s website, direct mail, social media, printed menus and other marketing materials.

“Our goal is to help restaurants showcase their offerings in the best possible light, attract more customers and ultimately boost their revenue,” adds Turner. “From the house burger with fries to a decadent slice of chocolate cake with strawberries, a restaurant owner will only need a description instead of an expensive food stylist and photographer to get appetizing images for every item on their menu.”

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