Sterno Products Launches New Brand Identity

Sterno Products announced that they will now be known as Sterno and will be launching a new brand identity and logo surrounding this iconic name.

"Over the last 100 years, Sterno has become a brand name recognized for quality, performance, and innovation, that has moved beyond just portable food warming products," said Don Hinshaw, CEO of The Sterno Group. Since 2012, The Sterno Group has made several acquisitions and launched a number of innovative, top-selling products for both the foodservice and consumer markets.

"Our new branding communicates a company that is growing and evolving beyond its origination and gives confidence to customers that when a product says 'Sterno', they know it's of the highest quality," says Craig Carnes, president Sterno Food Service Products Group.

The new branding is an integral part of Sterno's plans to expand its core business and create a foundation for new endeavors.  Most recently, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company retrofitted two of its factories to produce hand sanitizer and non-medical face masks at scale. Both products are now part of the company's permanent product portfolio. The company will continue to explore new lines of business to serve both foodservice professionals and retail customers.

"To most of our customers, the shift from Sterno Products to simply Sterno might seem to be an insignificant change. However, this, along with the logo change, positions us to utilize this iconic brand name to support our continued growth through product expansions and innovations," adds Sterno's marketing & product development vice president, David Amirault.

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