Small Box Energy Offers Wireless Food Probes as Part of Energy Management Solution

Small Box Energy announced the availability of wireless food probes as part of their chameleon Energy Management Solution (EMS). The probes are similar to standard probe thermometers; however, they eliminate the need to manually write temperatures on the HACCP reports by automatically storing them at in user-defined templates. The probes store up to 100 profiles and instantly use sounds to alarm users if the food temperature is out of the defined parameters. If the device has been set-up with a scheduled time to take temperatures, such as 9 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., etc., and this schedule is not followed, an alarm will be sent via text message or email to the managers and a warning will be visible on the dashboard. All the data is stored and viewable on the same interface as the EMS,, and accessible using any standard browser or through the free iOS or Android Mobile App.

“Customers are reacting very positively to the probes,” says David Andow, president of Small Box Energy. Food safety is critical to the success of any restaurant or convenience store. Having an automated solution that records the temperatures instantly helps employees be more efficient and accountable, and gives managers visibility even when they aren’t physically on-site. “Managers and owners have seen the value in receiving alarms when employees have missed the mandatory internal temperature interval and reporting,” Andow adds.

Another key feature is the safety report integration. Small Box Energy integrates the report into the customer dashboard so that the food probe temperatures, as well as all the other refrigeration equipment temperatures being monitored are automatically filled into a default Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) report or user-provided corporate templates and time stamped. Temperatures that are out of range are highlighted in red. The report can then be printed for management, health inspections, and training. All of the historical data is stored and accessible, giving restaurants another tool for defending data.

Small Box Energy is a market leader for Energy Management Solutions (EMS) for restaurants and convenience stores using chameleon. Selected by over 60 brands, this system consists of hardware and software used to monitor and control critical refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC equipment. It reduces energy consumption by as much as 30 percent, maintenance expenses by 20 percent, and improves food safety through temperature monitoring and automation. Small Box Energy is the only EMS provider combining energy management with equipment diagnostics and food safety. The company’s subscription-only pricing model allows single unit, franchisees, ownership groups, and corporate brands to place chameleon into locations with no up-front costs or large capital expenditures. For more information, visit

The probe is now available and only sold as part of the chameleon energy management system, which provides food safety through temperature monitoring and early equipment diagnostics system. More information can be found at

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