September Restaurant Sales Up 3.8 Percent in APT Index

Applied Predictive Technologies announced that the APT Index of restaurant sales increased 3.8 percent nationwide in September compared to September of last year. The increase was driven by a 3.8 percent increase in check size. Quick-service restaurants continued to outperform full-service restaurants, at 5.6 percent and 3.3 percent, respectively. Sales for Labor Day Weekend were up 3.9 percent, as the weekend began in September this year versus August last year.

Patrick O’Reilly, APT president and COO, says, “Restaurants performed well this month, with full-service restaurant sales comps reaching their highest point since January. Meanwhile, the Pope’s visit in East Coast cities created shifts in spending behavior as many people may have worked from home to avoid the crowds. In general, sales were down in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia during the papal visit.”

The APT Index aggregates in-store sales data at more than 100,000 chain stores and restaurants across the U.S. to show how year-over-year sales performance changes.

Effect of the Pope’s Visit on Restaurant Sales by APT Index numbers:

On most days of the Pope’s visits to Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia, restaurant sales were down as many people may have altered their routines or worked from home to avoid the crowds. Interestingly, sales grew on a few days during his visit, such as September 23, the main day of the Pope’s visit in Washington, D.C., and the day of the parade downtown. As the weekend drew nearer, the effects of his visit were larger.

Visit to Washington, D.C.: September 22 increased 2.3 percent and September 23 saw an increase of 2.8 percent.

Visit to New York City: September 24 saw a drop of 3.9 percent. September 25fell 5.1 percent. 

Visit to Philadelphia: September 26 had a 6.3 percent decrease and September 27 had a 2 percent growth. 

Labor Day Weekend Restaurant Sales by APT Index numbers:

Overall Restaurants: Sales: gained 3.9 percent, checks 0.1 percent, and check size 3.8 percent. 

September Restaurant Sales by APT Index numbers:Overall Restaurants gained by 3.8 percent, checks were flat, and check size rose 3.8 percent.

Quick-Service Restaurants: Sales were up 5.6 percent, checks 1.6 percent, and check size 4 percent. 

Full-Service Restaurants: Sales gained 3.3 percent, checks fell 0.2 percent, and check size was up 3.5 percent. 

Top Performing Metro Areas in September by APT Index Restaurant Sales Comps:

Riverside, California led with a 7.9 percent increase, Seattle was up 7.3 percent, Minneapolis 7.3 percent, San Francisco 6.9 percent, and Charlotte, North Carolina 6.8 percent.

Bottom Performing Metro Areas in September by APT Index Restaurant Sales Comps:

Detroit dropped 0.1 percent, followed by Houston [0.6 percent gain], Pittsburgh [1 percent gain], Washington, D.C. [1.7 percent gain], and Dallas [1.8 percent gain].

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