Scotty’s Brewhouse to Host Feast for the Less Fortunate

On Thanksgiving, Scotty’s Brewhouse management and staff will host its sixth annual “Feast for the Less Fortunate” from noon to 2 p.m. for over 350 people complete with an appearance from Santa at the Downtown Brewhouse location in Indianapolis. Following the feast, food deliveries will be made to the Ronald McDonald House so that patients and families can also enjoy a holiday meal on Thanksgiving. One additional trip to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital is scheduled for mid-December to deliver toys to the patients and food to staff, patients, and families of the hospital.

“Six years ago we started our Thanksgiving event and every year it has continued to grow and become better,” says Scott Wise, president and CEO of a Pots and Pans Production. “This year we are working with even more shelters and organizations to provide a great meal to over 350 people, and this year after our lunch is complete we will be delivering food to the Ronald McDonald House to feed over 100 people. We also take food to local nurses, doctors and families at area hospitals that aren’t able to enjoy Thanksgiving at home. Anything we have left that we can box up, many of our volunteers drive around the city to handout to the homeless that are living under bridges or on the streets.”

“I am very blessed to be in the position I am in and believe it is my responsibility to motivate others to do good in our society and give back to all our communities that so proudly support us I believe it is a social responsibility of success that you share this by reaching back and grabbing the hands of those that are less fortunate, clasp hands tightly and give someone a lift up,” Wise continues.

Not only does Scotty’s provide a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner to those attending, they also give gifts to the children and to each of the adults. “Many of these children do not get to celebrate a traditional Christmas holiday with gifts, so this year we are asking Santa to stop by and hand out presents” Wise says. “One of our purveyors, RNDC, always goes to Toys ‘R Us and drops off over $1,000 in toys to our offices for these kids. The smiles and hugs you receive from the children on this day is something that brings tears to my eyes on a yearly basis.”

All the food preparation, set up and service are provided by employees and guests who give the gift of their time to help make a difference. Scotty’s also relies on its vendors to donate all of the food that is used for the Thanksgiving feast. This year US Foods, Dugdale Foods, Taylor’s Bakery, Pepsi, Zink, and Starbucks are all donating their products.

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