SandenVendo America Aims to Revolutionize the Refrigeration Industry

SandenVendo America, Inc., the world’s largest producer and distributor of chilled beverage machines, will introduce its revolutionary new refrigeration technology system, KuraBan at the NRA Show 2017 at Booth #483 on May 20–23 in Chicago. Introduced to the U.S. market in February 2017, KuraBan is a refrigeration system for the food-service industry that maintains freshness, quality, and flavor three to ten times longer than conventional refrigeration.

KuraBan is a patented refrigeration system that utilizes a Non-Thermal Electric Field Energy (NTEFE) technology, developed through more than 15 years of extensive research and development in Japan.  NTEFE technology, which works in a temperature range between 28°F to 37°F and can be retrofitted in existing refrigerators as well, creates an ideal environment for preserving fresh foods without the need for potentially harmful chemicals or radiation, while controlling and inhibiting the oxidation process.

Eight key features of the KuraBan refrigeration system are as follows:

Extends Food Preservation:  All types of fresh food can be safely stored at least three to 10 times longer with KuraBan.

Boosts Amino Acids: “Umami” compounds that enhance flavor in food products increase just by storing foods in a KuraBan refrigerator.

Accelerates and Enhances Aging: Offers both “wet aging” and “dry aging,” so you can customize the process.

Boosts Sugar Levels: Fruits and vegetables become sweeter while stored in a KuraBan refrigerator.

Anti-bacterial Effect: KuraBan’s ability to inhibit bacterial growth was verified through third-party laboratory tests. (Test results available upon request.)

Energy Efficient: KuraBan’s NTEFE technology uses very little electricity— almost negligible.

Improves Thawing:  KuraBan minimizes dripping during thawing for all types of frozen food, thus maintaining higher food quality.

Speeds Up Marination and Flavor Infusion: Marination and flavor infusion can be completed much faster with KuraBan.

SandenVendo will also showcase the Lumilinna machine that delivers super-chilled, icy beverages to consumers. The Lumilinna maintains a temperature just below the freezing point. With the Brix content of popular carbonated soft drinks, this precise refrigeration produces ice crystals throughout and delivers a refreshing new soft drink experience.  Lumilinna features a 16.9 oz. PET bottle or 8.5 oz. slim can capacity with similar stack columns and vend technology as the original stack machine. Various colors and design options are available for Lumilinna to suit any c-store, micro market, or refreshment location.

Booth #483 at the NRA Show will also feature samplings of SandenVendo’s hot food display showcases, a stainless RD2C open-air display case with patented health-lock out curtain, and the newest G-Caffè bean-to-cup coffee machine. 

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