Sabatino Tartufi Introduces a New Category of Seasoning

Sabatino Tartufi introduced the first truffle zest, the reasonably priced counterpart to freshly shaved truffles. While a pound of fresh black truffles costs around $1,500, this zest packs just as much flavor for only $13.99. This versatile seasoning will add a touch of affordable luxury to virtually any dish varying from soups to vegetables to pasta to pizza. 

Unlike most truffle products, Sabatino's truffle zest has no artificial flavoring. Over 40 percent of the product is made up of the natural flavors from actual black truffles, a rarity when it comes to truffle products like oils and powders. 

Just after the turn of the century in 1911, Sabatino Tartufi was founded. Sabatino Balestra and his wife, Giuseppa, began in a small storefront in Montecastrilli, Umbria, catering to local families by distributing truffles, olives, olive oil, and sardines.

During this period, in this part of Umbria, the heart of central Italy, people cultivated wheat and corn and their main food was bread and soup made with various pulses, not truffles. However, Sabatino & Giuseppa, certain of the extraordinary qualities of their products and driven by the belief that there was and would continue to be a growing consumer market for high-quality and fresh-tasting products, continued in their efforts to create a company that could share with the rest of the world the value and exquisiteness of the truffle.

Just shy of 100 years in the traditional family trade of producing and commercializing truffles, the present day Sabatino Tartufi, owned and managed by the third generation after Sabatino & Giuseppa, have continued to build the company's solid reputation as the leading authority in the Truffle business. Today, almost a century later, Sabatino Tartufi is the premier source for truffle products and is the leading brand of truffle products in the U.S.

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