Restaurant Technologies Offers Mobile Oil Management

Restaurant operations in hotels, casinos, airports, hospitals, educational institutions, and malls can now take advantage of the new Mini-Portable Oil Solution from Restaurant Technologies Inc. (RTI).

This mobile oil management system conveniently fits the needs of commercial kitchens that are challenged with the need to haul fryer oil long distances from one kitchen to the next or from the kitchen to a loading dock to dispose of used cooking oil.

The RTI Mini-Portable Oil Solution holds up to 300 pounds of fresh and 300 pounds of used cooking oil. At 52 inches long, 25 inches wide and 53 inches high, this compact container can move easily across kitchen floors and fit comfortably in small spaces.

Commanded by the push of a button, the closed-loop system takes care of oil storage, distribution to the fryers, handling, and disposal. The complete system comes with all the hardware, software, installation, training, and support services needed to easily automate oil management at no upfront cost.

The RTI Mini-Portable Oil Solution offers the same range of benefits as RTI’s larger installed units. It allows for automatic filtration of fryer oil, improving food quality while reducing oil waste. The system eliminates oil spills in kitchens or the need to manually lift and haul oil from one area to the next – reducing strains, slips, falls, burns, and associated worker’s compensation claims.

From an aesthetic standpoint, kitchens look cleaner and more professional without open, unsightly containers of used cooking oil.

The RTI Mini-Portable Oil Solution improves kitchen efficiencies and extends oil life. It saved Sage Hospitality Management Company, headquartered in Denver, nearly 40 percent on their oil costs – primarily because kitchens waste less oil.

“Not only has it helped standardize our oil management process, it has increased the quality of our fried foods,” says Michael Carr-Turnbough, vice president of culinary operations at Sage Restaurant Group. “The RTI Portable Oil Solution has engaged the culinary department in a process that they completely ignored prior – properly managing fryer oil. Our chefs love it!”

Aside from top-of-the-line benefits, every unit comes with on-site oil management coaching and 24/7 service from RTI. “From the initial installation to our bulk oil distribution and pickup, we try to make oil management as easy as possible,” says Jason Cocco, vice president of product development at RTI. “Our new Portable Oil Solution allows for complete access to the RTI automated oil management solution for high-occupancy buildings with large footprints, without giving up precious kitchen space.”

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