QSR Automations' DineTime Helps Restaurants Tackle Off-Premise

QSR Automations, a hospitality industry leader in kitchen automation and guest management solutions, announced new features and enhancements to their guest management platform DineTime, to help restaurants implement off-premise dining. DineTime 6.2 features include a takeout tab, with real-time data pushed directly from the kitchen, to allow for a more streamlined and intuitive carryout or delivery experience. These DineTime enhancements target business optimization needs for restaurant operators who are integrating off-premise business to their concepts.

DineTime’s advanced functionality has the ability to filter carryout and delivery orders on customizable tabs like “takeout” in the DineTime application. The tabs support showing when an order starts cooking in the kitchen, how long the order has been cooking, and what time the order is ready in the kitchen. Operators will be able to create different tabs based on carryout, delivery, or online orders. Hosts have access to order insights without having to walk away to a kitchen to see the status of an order, providing them with better knowledge to serve guests.

DineTime is the only guest management platform in the industry that connects to the kitchen with real-time updates about order statuses through the host stand. DineTime is integrated with QSR Automations kitchen display system, ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK), which allows the order information, from start to finish, to be pushed to the front of house.

“As the demand for non-traditional dining and off-premise services continue to grow, restaurants need to leverage technology offerings to maximize on the new industry standard. DineTime provides a critical foundation for off-premise success,” says Lee Leet, CEO of QSR Automations. “With real-time kitchen updates pushed to the front of house from CSK, operators will not only enjoy a more automated and intuitive front of house experience but dramatically improve their guest experience for diners.”

“It’s all about providing that quick glance information to the front of house employees so that they can be knowledgeable when the guest or delivery partner walks in the door. This way restaurants are not having to sacrifice great quality and a great experience for any customer, even if they are off-premise,” Leet continues.

The new update to the platform not only displays real-time order information but has the ability to show guest’s vehicle information for operators looking to implement a curbside to-go strategy. When a guest or third-party delivery partner arrives at the restaurant, hosts can check in the party, mark the order as picked up, or no-show the party if they have not arrived at the scheduled pick up time.

DineTime guest management platform is a front of house solution that provides table management, waitlist and reservation management, and restaurant analytics that helps managers gain valuable insight into their operations.

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