Provi Launches Enterprise Beverage Management for National Chains

Provi, a fast-growing eCommerce beverage marketplace for businesses in the alcohol industry, announced the launch of its new product, Enterprise Beverage Management, which provides national chains with a beverage management solution that will help eliminate errors, increase operational efficiency and provide insights into each location's ordering behaviors.

Enterprise Beverage Management fulfills the needs of national chains by introducing features to support beverage program compliance, increase order transparency and identify ways to save. The new Approved List functionality allows companies to ensure each location is properly executing their beverage program by restricting the ability to purchase products outside of the company mandate. In addition to Approved Lists, retailers now have access to Multi-Location Order Insights to help inform important business decisions.

"Provi has given us the visibility that we have been missing," saysBrad Janowiak, Director, Food & Beverage, Cinemark. "It allows us to make more informed business decisions so that we can better manage all of our locations."

Along with Approved Lists and Multi-Location Order Insights, national brands can now streamline order communication with all of their distributors and sales reps to increase operational efficiencies.

"As a company, our mission is to serve the needs of retailers, no matter how large or small.  Perhaps even more so than independently owned establishments, national businesses are in need of a more efficient and transparent ordering process," addsTaylor Katzman, CEO of Provi. "Our new Enterprise Beverage Management solution eases the operational workload of buyers at each location, mitigates errors, and provides corporate personnel with the insights needed to run the business more smoothly."

In addition to the ordering benefits, Provi allows retailers to leverage and enhance their beverage data. Collected through its marketplace, Provi has access to hyper-local, outlet-level data, giving national accounts access to unique and actionable market-specific behaviors. This information empowers national accounts to create targeted and nuanced beverage strategies in real time—a capability that exists nowhere else.

"Provi is helping us streamline and advance our most crucial operations and has turned what was once an extremely timely and disjointed process into a seamless and orderly one," says Alex Sadowsky, Director of Culinary, Beverage, Menu Innovation at Twin Peaks.

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