oomi kitchen Links with Empower Delivery on Direct Ordering Experience

oomi kitchen is launching its enhanced direct ordering experience on Empower Delivery. oomi, which was co-founded by experienced restaurateur Markus Pinyero, offers a wide-range of chef-driven brands through a single ordering experience.  Guests can choose what they want, for a great value, and receive their fresh and accurate delivery at the quoted time. 

oomi kitchen and Empower Delivery were brought together through the restaurant industry network that has built up among restaurants looking for a better way to profitably serve guest demand for fast, convenient delivery in a brand-engaging, hospitality-building way.  Through Empower Delivery, oomi kitchen will be able to coordinate first- and third-party ordering, kitchen production, and fulfillment logistics.  The tightly orchestrated operations reduce delivery costs and increase guest satisfaction.

oomi kitchen co-founder Markus Pineyro said of the Empower Delivery software “We chose the Empower Delivery platform because it puts delivery kitchen stakeholders first.  It is fully optimized to create a great experience for guests, drivers, and restaurant employees.  Running a tech-forward restaurant prior to Empower Delivery has been a complicated endeavor, involving many different pieces of software that may not always play nicely together.  With Empower Delivery, the entire system has been designed to work seamlessly from order through to delivery.”

“The moment we saw oomi kitchen, we knew they would perform incredibly well on the Empower Delivery system,” says CEO Meredith Sandland.  “What I love about oomi kitchen is their understanding of a Delivery Kitchen as a restaurant first.  Their chef-driven menu, combined with their ideal location and consistent operations mean that, coupled with the right software, they can deliver excellent food at a great value to their customers.”

Delivery Kitchens are poised to be the next big thing in restaurants, offering quality, freshly prepared meals, conveniently delivered, at a great value.  By using one system to coordinate all parts of the process, oomi kitchen will be able to offer its guests a magical delivery experience, radically changing expectations for how good delivered food can be.  The Empower Delivery system will enable oomi kitchen to give its guests:

  • Accurate real-time quote times
  • Order and logistics tracking
  • Freshly produced meals that are never more than 10 minutes between kitchen and customer


Additionally, the Empower Delivery system will enable oomi to bring great value to its guests. Their high-quality, scratch made, chef-driven menus will be available at reasonable prices with no “sticker shock” at the checkout cart due to unnecessary fees or menu markups, “The $2 delivery fee is lower than any 3rd party delivery platform because we don’t charge a service fee on top of a delivery fee.  We have no hidden fees.  All prices are fully transparent, and do not change by the time you get to checkout. We are able to do this because of the Empower Delivery software. The efficiencies it brings to the system we pass on to the guest,” says Pineyro.

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